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The Sims Resource x Wandavision: Part 2


As a lover of both Wandavision and The Sims Resource, I knew I had to create a part 2 for my first lookbook inspired by the series. This time, I decided to recreate the various fashions we see Wanda in throughout episode 8 of the series, “Previously On”. Wanda’s style changes a lot throughout her life, and the wide variety of styles found on The Sims Resource really helped me find pieces that captured the essence of Wanda’s looks. Beware of spoilers ahead!

Child Wanda

The first piece of Wanda’s past we see is Wanda as a child in Sokovia. KaTPurpura’s Poppy Top in red was a really close match to Wanda’s shirt, and lillka’s Girls Skinny Fit Jeans went perfectly. Lollaleeloo’s Nike runners for Sims kids continued the red theme in Wanda’s outfits. I used JavaSims’ Queen’s Layer (Child Hairstyle) to recreate young Wanda’s long locks.

Hydra Wanda

When Wanda takes part in Hydra’s experiments, she wears nothing but a loose hospital gown and messy hair. I used the in-game hospital gown that comes with the Get To Work expansion pack. For hair, I used wingssims’ WINGS-TO0128 hair in a dark brown color.

Wanda the Avenger

Later, as a new Avenger, Wanda spent her days in the hero compound watching comfort-food TV–sitcoms. Her clothing definitely matches the cozy vibes of her shows. I put Sim-Wanda in Laupipi’s Cassie sweater in black with Sims House’s Women Suit Pants in black. Her hair is SonyaSimsCC’s Sunlight Hair in a dark brown swatch.

Wanda at SWORD

When she visits the S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, Wanda is dressed professionally. My favorite part of this look is honestly her hair, which I recreated with Enriques4’s Magnolia Hair in red. For her maroon shirt, I used neinahpets’ Sweater Blouse. I used Dissia’s Jeanne Cardigan to layer over it (it’s an accessory item so it goes over shirts!). I used Pinkzombiecupcakes’ High Waisted Pants and the MJ95’s Madlen Morava boots to complete the outfit.

Wanda in Westview

For Wanda’s Westview look, she’s wearing a hoodie and sweatpants (after her mental breakdown in Episode 7, “Breaking the Fourth Wall”). For her piece-y ponytail, I used Leah Lillith’s Aella hairstyle. She’s wearing Shake Production’s 605 – Sweatshirt in maroon and the pipco comfy pants in gray. Her shoes are the bukovka Sneakers 2 Female in black.

I hope you enjoyed this Wandavision Lookbook Part 2 here at The Sims Resource Blog! Be sure to check out more of our lookbooks, like Cottagecore and Cow Print!

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