The Sims Resource is Glowing Up!

Just wait until I #GlowUp

With a humble beginning and a look that hasn’t changed in over 10 years, at The Sims Resource, we’ve finally took our first step into the 21st century and decided it was time to show you our #GlowUp.

Several months ago, we changed The Sims Resource Logo to mark the beginning of our journey to evolving the Sims Resource with the goal of becoming The ULTIMATE Sims Resource. After months of gathering feedback via surveys, VIP Discord, Social Media and reviewing overall sentiments of The Sims Resource, we’re happy to share the first of many updates coming.

Since the end of the 2020, we’ve added more content for you to consume, including CC Collaborations, Blogs/Game News, Videos and our very own eMagazine: “The Resource”.

As of August 05, 2021, The Sims Resource website has be updated with a new look providing easier navigation and faster loading times on pages!

In this #GlowUp, updates include:

  • Overall Modernized Design of the Website
  • New Navigation/Menu Bar: Easier navigation to browse downloads and other community links such as our blogs, videos and challenges.
  • New Side Navigation Bar & Quick Links on the Home Page
  • Less Advertisements & Improved Page Load Times: Pages will now load faster as we’ve reviewed and reduced the number of ads that appear throughout the site. [We know you don’t like ads, but ads help us maintain and update our website, pay our artists and many other things. Ads are tailored to your browser searches so if you ever see something you don’t like, report the ad right on the ad itself!]

Over the next several months, we will continue update to The Sims Resource and additional VIP Perks!

In addition to changes to the website, we are also working hard to improve the our submissions system for creators to submit their content to The Sims Resource.

A lot of work is being put in by our developers/techs as we work through all the documentation we have to bring you an improved experience. Through these changes, we will continue to work on delivering you the best experience and safest environment in downloading custom content. While the glow up happens, we thank you for your continued support and patience, similar to your patience in asking for Horses in The Sims 4.

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