The Sims Resource guide to hardware upgrades

Hardware Upgrade guide for The Sims 2

This article has been written to support our ongoing Sims 2 Hardware Awareness program. You can use our Sims 2 System Checker tool to see whether or not your PC is capable of running The Sims 2 successfully. If you can’t, then these hardware upgrade guide tutorials might help you save some cash for the upgrade required to get your PC up to spec.

Scattered around the Internet, you will find many tutorials that explain how to upgrade your PC. Many upgrades are simply a matter of removing the side panel from your PC and slotting a component into a socket, and really can be done by anyone with little or no knowledge or experience of computer components at all. That said, you shouldn’t try to take on something that you are not confident in having a bash at. If it simply looks far too much for you, you shouldn’t start pulling your PC apart. Get some quotes from local PC Repair & Upgrade stores and get a professional to do it. You could also ask around your friends or family to see if someone you know (and trust) has some experience in PC upgrades.

Below you will find some quick links to hardware upgrade tutorials from the support section of the well respected PC and component reseller, Gateway Computers. Below you will find some good quality tutorials for doing the kind of basic upgrades to a PC that you might need to make in order to get the very best out of The Sims 2 (which is what we are encouraging you to prepare for).

Video Card Upgrades
Adding or replacing memory
Add or Replace a Hard Drive
Installing a CPU

A full and comprehensive list of hardware upgrade tutorials from Gateway Computers can be found here.

The Sims 2 Minimum System Specs

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