Growing Together Expansion Pack Trailer

The release trailer for the next expansion pack, The Sims 4: Growing Together has premiered! Check it out:

We’ve included some screenshots below of some of the new features and activities.

A family doing a puzzle together

Get the family together for a puzzle!

These sims had put together a puzzle of a horse, but this particular elder wasn’t too thrilled with that and destroyed it.

Sleepovers? Indoor camping? Check!

These sims are having an indoor camping session, complete with sleeping bags.

Family gathered together as a child learns to ride a bike

Children can learn to ride bikes!

Infants can be carried around while your sim goes about their day.This sim is wearing a backpack harness to carry and infant and free up their hands. (Although, that gnome in the corner doesn’t look too thrilled about anything that is happening.)

This child is seen removing their own loose tooth, and then cashing it in for some extra allowance money.

What better way to bring the family together than with a group project? This family has plans for a treehouse, puts in the hard work, and the results are beautiful!

An outdoor pavillion showcasing a family getting together for an event

Perhaps a family reunion of sorts?

Grandparents walking through the front door with a suitcase

Grandparents coming to visit!

An elder sim being taught how to use a cell phone

Technology befuddles even the best of us.

This expansion pack looks like it’s going to add a lot of little “everyday moments” to the game. With the addition of infants in the free update, and then this expansion pack, there seems to be a ton of a new gameplay to discover!

The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack will be released on March 16th, for Mac, PC, and console.

If you pre-order or purchase the pack before April 27th, you’ll also get a set of Outdoor Playtime content, including a swingset, a slide, and what appears to be a backpack to help you carry your infants around!

Purchase Growing Together before April 27th to get bonus Outdoor Playtime content

Patch Notes: Jan 31st, 2023

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