The Sims 4: First Content Roadmap for 2022!

EA has announced the first roadmap for what they have planned to start off 2022! (We’re assuming this covers the first quarter of 2022. No actual time frame has been provided.)

An overview of the early 2022 content releases for The Sims 4

Image Credit: EA, @TheSims Twitter

“A Game Pack that throws a party for Love” – This sounds like it’s going to be something relating to Valentine’s Day. Many users are speculating this will be a wedding-themed pack.

“Two vibrant kits that celebrate fierce design” – This one is, honestly, frightening. What does EA/Maxis consider to be “fierce” design? Are these going to be original EA designs? More branded collaborations?

(Would it be a reasonable assumption that maybe one will be for CAS and one for Build/Buy?)

“The gift of Community Collaborations, in game and out” – Many users have spoken up about wanting more content along these lines. We’ll have to wait and see what this entails! Will this involve more CC-as-Official-Content, like what EA did with their 21st birthday celebration?

“Free global food items to bring sims together” – There’s a been a bit of this already, but we’re always glad to see more! It will be great for more users to be able to see their sims prepare and enjoy meals that they are actually familiar with!

(My sims will no longer have to eat Mac n’ Cheese four times a day! I will not be stopping, however.)

Lastly, this early 2022 roadmap promises “a few more surprises.”  I’m just going to take a blind leap here and assume these are going to even more kits. (After all, they have 7+ years of Custom Content to compete with… )

What are you hoping for The Sims in 2022? (Other than “horses” or “fewer kits,” that is…)

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