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The Good Place Inspired Lookbook


Welcome back to The Sims Resource! Today I’ve created a lookbook inspired by one of my favorite shows EVER–The Good Place! After discovering the show on Netflix a few years ago I was completely hooked. Not only is it one of the funniest shows of the past several years, it also has some of my favorite fashion! In this lookbook, I’ll be using the INCREDIBLE Good Place Sims created by Bakalia–thank you for making them! Let’s get into this The Good Place inspired lookbook.

Eleanor Shellstrop

Eleanor is probably my favorite character from The Good Place. A self-proclaimed “Arizona Trashbag”, Eleanor learns a lot about letting other people in and learning to love others throughout the series. One of my favorite parts of her style is the myriad of rainbow sweaters she wears throughout the series–she inspired me to buy not one but TWO rainbow sweaters, one of which I may or may not be wearing right now ;).

Sim Sweater Pants Shoes Hair Lashes Lipgloss
Face Mask Eye Color Eyeliner Skin Nails Eyebrows Blush

Chidi Anagonye

Oh, Chidi. Lovable, anxious Chidi. His constant anxiety is honestly pretty relatable–I shout “I am VEXED, ELEANOR!” to my friends around once a week at this point. Chidi’s style is very simple–as an academic man, he mostly sticks to button down shirts and khakis with a simple shoe. Oh, and his iconic glasses. What would Chidi be without his glasses? Or his abs? Not Chidi, that’s for sure.

Sim Shirt Pants  Glasses Shoes
Face Mask Skin Eye Color Lashes Brows

Tahani Al-Jamil

Tahani Al-Jamil is a stunning, kind socialite with an impeccable fashion sense to match. I absolutely adore her huge collection of floral dresses, all of which seem to make her seem even more like a princess than she already does (which is a lot). From dreamy jewelry to her iconic flowing hair, Tahani has it all–except for in her personal life, but she grows a lot in that respect over the course of the series as well!

Sim Hair Dress Necklace Nails Lipstick Lashes
Blush Brows Shoes Eyeliner Eye Color Skin Face Mask

Jason Mendoza

BORTLES! It’s time for Jason Mendoza. While he’s not the brightest member of the main quartet, he’s got a ton of heart (and love for the Jacksonville Jaguars). Jason is probably one of the most iconic examples of the “himbo” archetype from the last decade–he’s not the brightest but he has the purest of intentions, and just wants to help everyone around him out. Truly, Joey Tribbiani walked so Jason Mendoza could run.

Sim Jersey Shorts Shoes Hair
Skin Face Mask Eye Color Lashes Brows

Thanks for reading the latest lookbook here at The Sims Resource! Interested in more lookbooks? Check out our Suni Lee inspired lookbook or our Black Widow inspired lookbook! Looking for something else? Read our Industrial Loft Kit review or Room Reno: Vaporwave Bedroom.

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