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Who’s seen The Circle (US) Season 2? The series focuses on a group of players trying to impress each other on a social-media based game. Some are who they seem, some aren’t, and sometimes there are multiple people playing as one 🤯. Since I HAD to know what the buzz was about, I got on the #CircleTrain and decided to recreate the top 4 Circle players of the season. *BEWARE*: there are spoilers ahead, so don’t read unless you’ve seen the season! (Or do. I’m not the boss of you).

DeLeesa St. Agathe

DeLeesa was one of my favorites to watch throughout the season, and not just because she was catfishing the others as her husband, Trevor. The way that she pulled from her own life experiences in order to dupe the others was super fun to watch. Her love for her daughter was also adorable–watching her clutch the pillow with her baby’s face on it when she was nervous was SO PURE. Truly the deserving winner of our Circle season!

Hair Dress Shoes Necklace
Eyeliner Lashes Lipstick Eyebrows

Chloe Veitch

Chloe is not only a delight to listen to (LOVE her accent) but she’s a delight to watch play the game! It’s no wonder she won the Fan Favorite award with her charm and genuine sense of fun when playing the game. Watching her fashion throughout the season was also super entertaining–I covet all of her matching silk pajama sets more than anything else 😫. Anyway, babes, here’s where you can find Sim-Chloe’s CC 😜!

Hair Blazer Pants Shoes
Eyeliner Lashes Lipstick Eyebrows

Courtney Linsen

Courtney is a game player’s game player. He plots, schemes, and works his way to the (almost) top while also being fun-loving. Watching Courtney was like watching Littlefinger from Game of Thrones but much more fun (and less gory!). Always ready with a witty remark or shade to throw, Courtney was a favorite of mine for being smart while playing the longest of long games throughout his tenure on the show.

Hair Shirt Pants
Glasses Shoes Eyebrows

Lee Swift

Dear sweet Lee! He was probably my favorite when I started the season because of his emotion and true compassion for everyone else in the game. When he cried for Bryant leaving first, I knew he was a truly kind soul (despite his catfishing gameplay!). Lee was a joy to watch and made me want to be a kinder person in general…who knew reality TV would make anyone want to make a positive change?!

Hair Shirt Pants Shoes Eyebrows

I hope you binged today’s blog on The Circle Season 2! If you liked this, feel free to check out Styling TSR Clothes In Real Life and Making a House Out of ONLY TSR Rooms. If you want more TV-inspired Sims, check out the Shadow and Bone or Wandavision lookbooks. See you next time 🥰

Patch Notes: May 27th, 2021

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