Simthing to Celebrate: Building Gender-Neutral Pronoun System in The Sims 4, CAS Content Collaboration with ComplexSIms

Simthing To Celebrate! Today brings the first Inside Maxis livestream of 2022! Today’s stream covers an exciting CAS collaboration with ComplexSims! We look into the on-going work with pronouns, and peek some future updates!


There will be three new Create-A-Sim items designed by ComplexSims coming to the base game! These items are scheduled for a Sims Delivery Express update on February 2nd, 2022. They’ve teased us with this concept image:

ComplexSims Bath Robe

Concept Art for a bathrobe created in collaboration with ComplexSims. The other two items are a mystery!

Customizable, Gender Neutral Pronouns

Not only is EA/Maxis working on gender-neutral language options, but definitely sim-thing to celebrate is the impending arrival of custom pronouns!

Customizable Pronouns

A Work-In-Progress update for a possible solution to customizable pronouns

With the game being translated into 18 different languages, adjusting pronoun options is no small task!

Some languages which feature grammatical gender make this particularly difficult. Some words simply don’t have a genderless equivalent, and so extra care must be taken to find creative work-arounds for these situations.

In some areas, there are also regional laws and regulations surrounding the accepted use of gender and pronouns. This further complicates the matter for the localization teams.

The first pronoun update will be focused for the English version of the game, with other languages being added over time.

Power-Couple Scenario

This scenario stars your sims as a married couple working in business together. (Exciting office romance? Impending separation?) The race is on to see which one of you will become the CEO! Coming soon in a future SDX update.

This is an “Evergreen” scenario – it will be on-going with no scheduled expiration or removal from the game.

New Hair & Food Items

In a future SDX update, EA is also giving us this amazing braided ponytail hairstyle!

Along with the hair, we will get the food, too! (No hair in the food, though, don’t worry.) There are six new recipes, including the steamed fish and sticky rice cake shown here.

There are lots of goodies on the way! What are you most excited for? The details of today’s Inside Maxis Livestream will be posted on EA’s blog on January 21st.

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