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Sims4 Modeling Cheat Codes

One of the big draws to Sims and CC is creating your own looks, naturally, this equates to a large portion of Simmers enjoying using their Sims as models. There are numerous modeling corners throughout social media and on the Sims forms that even include modeling competitions, lookbooks, fashion magazines, and more. If you want to get the best image possible you are going to need to use some cheat codes. 

Modeling with Sims is a super fun hobby for many Simmers, but there is a lot more to it than just downloading some cc.  To even start there are some very specific cheat codes and tricks needed for great Sim Modeling. 

For in-game cheats, all you have to do once you are in the game is hit CTRL+Shift+C at the same time and then a text box will appear at the top of your screen.   This is where you have to put in the cheat codes.  Without doing this step you cannot type any of the following suggested modeling cheat codes.  


Testingcheats on

This code is a must for you to enter any more cheats.  The testing cheat code allows you to turn on and off your ability to enter cheat codes. Without this code, you cannot get many other cheat codes to work.


Money Money Money! You are going to need ‘lodes’ of simoleans to buy all the items and decor you need for setting up that perfect scene for your model. I recommend cheating until you have at least 500,000.  You don’t want to have to stop decorating in the middle of your setup to get more funds, as it does not take long as each Motherlode is 50,000 Simoleans. Even if you are not taking photos out of all the cheat codes you want Motherlode in your Sims’ lives! 


This cheat code just helps you place your setting easier, giving you more options of where to place objects. The Move objects code is perfect if you are trying to get objects closer together for a nice close-up photo.


If you are wanting to use some objects that are hidden, like artifacts, for example, you need this cheat code.  This cheat code just gives you a bit more access to objects and things to really improve your setting.


This code goes along with showing hidden objects, as it unlocks the restrictions on specific items.  With this cheat code and show hidden items, you will have access to anything in the game, which can be a fun addition to your photos.  If you are doing sports or musical-themed poses this is a need so that you can have trophies and awards in the background without having to go through the actual gameplay.

Headlineeffects off

As far as modeling cheat codes go, this one is a must.  If you are taking screenshots in-game this gets rid of the plumbob.  For modeling shots or lookbooks, you do not want the headline effect on there.  If you are trying to edit it out you are doing way too much work.  Be kind to yourself and use a cheat code and hide it! 



You read that right, no more waiting for the exact right opportunity, TSR has custom poses that you can just download and PRESTO – picture perfect.  Anything else you need for the poses to work will be listed within the download.  Poses help so much in setting up scenes and getting that shot just perfect. 

Beto_Ae0, Helgatisha, KatverseCC, Sims4LifeStories, and KaTPurupa all have a good amount of solid poses to download.  Some of the poses Helgatisha in particular will attach to a Sim trait so that you can use it in Create a Sim (CAS) as well, which is super handy if you are taking images there.


This is one of my favorite ‘cheats’ or loopholes to taking really solid Modeling images in Sims 4, CAS backgrounds.  These are backdrops that you can download here on TSR, traditionally you can only have one at a time, which is a little frustrating to change them out, but I assure you the quality of image you will get in CAS is much better than in-game.  Especially if you are shooting Alpha CC looks.  You want to take your images or as many as possible in CAS.

One super interesting find on TSR is SonyaSimsCC’s Accessory CAS background changer.  This acts slightly differently to many of the CAS BGs as it attaches to an accessory slot and you can change the color of the backdrop.  Game-changing for someone like me who pretty much only takes images when playing the Sims.

The results

Here at TSR we want you to take your game to the next level and get the most out of your game.  Whatever you wish to do with your game, the sky’s the limit and TSR is here to help, providing you with access to hundreds of creative CC creators for the Sims.  So if you want to build your own catwalk or if you want to take senior pics of your Sims, DO IT and we are here to help!

For all the looks included in this blog, the links can be found below:

Gloria Hair Set Mermaid Splash Eyeshadow  Love Me Smokey Liner
2020 Holiday Collab Makeup Set Glossy Queen Collection – Lipstick Flower Shape Enamel Earrings
Gradibali Shoes Lenis Skinblend Tickle Me Pink Body Blush
Matte Stileto Nails Sunset – Hair Brooke Necklace
CAS Background Lana Louise Eyeliner Oversized Sweater
Divine Beauty Eyeshadow MB Skinblend Blusher – N06
Lipstick – 24 Faded Hair Nature In
Naturalis Plants Vampire Jacket Beard – N60
Nat Lips Suede Formal Boots  Short Nails for Men – N02
Skull Ring DSF Pants Raw Black Inferno Shirt
Cotton Pants Nails for Men – N06 Grey Grunge CAS Background
DSF Blazer Noctem Effugium Lucy Outfit – Dress DS Leather Design Boots
Empire Hair


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