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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator game pack has been revealed! Woo! Hot Sims Summer, new place, who dis? What kind of fun spaces will your sims design?

Check out the official review trailer:


This pack looks like it’s going to be so much fun! Who would have thought… let’s add interior design to your interior design! But – it sounds good!

A sim choosing color swatches

Give life to your client’s dreams – and possibly your nightmares – as you work to build the perfect space.

Gig Panel Breakdown

The in-game panel that provides design gig specifications

From the career panel, it looks pretty familiar – job performance, pay, and special tasks that must be completed.

The top of the panel starts with the payout that your sim will make from completing the project – although it’s unclear how this changes if you go over budget, or if the payout is reduced if you fail to meet some criteria/specifications that have been generated.

You also have to stay within a budget to complete the gig. We assume budgets will vary depending on the scope of the project, and who’s gig it is.

It appears that there are also a small selection of criteria for what the client likes and doesn’t like – the ones shown appear to be style and color related, while the gardening icon might represent some hobby/lifestyle/activity that the client likes.

Is there any structure to these likes/wants/dislikes? Could it theoretically just generate four colors to not use, and that’s it?

Then you have the task list, you have to go to the client and “get to know them” – presumably this process is what generates the likes/dislikes as you progress through this step.

Along with taking some photos, lastly, you have to actually complete the renovation yourself via build mode. This is exciting that you get to actually participate, and it doesn’t just magically “happen” as a task!

Not Pictured: “Available Tile Count” – keep in mind any size limits you have to maintain for Tiny Living!

Design Samples

We also see that there is a TON of new build mode content! Look at some of these example spaces!

A warm, modern living room in light wood tones with black and orange accents.

I love the modern black accents against the light toned wood!

A colorful kitchen shows off new cabinets

This kitchen is gorgeous! That coral color is bright and vibrant, and then the actual features of the kitchen – the oven that is in-counter, the range that is counter-top only. These open up a TON of possibilities!

A pink bedroom designed around the colors of the trans pride flag

This pink bedroom designed around the colors of the Trans Pride flag is SO cute! And look at all of that storage space! Hopefully all of that wall storage will be modular pieces!

A dark, moody bathroom that would be the perfect fit for a vampire

I absolutely CANNOT resist a good dark room! This moody bathroom has just the right amount of pop with the bright white tub.

Available June 1st, 2021!

I think it is very refreshing to see something catering to the gameplay style of those who don’t always actually “play” the game in the standard way. Some people merely play to build, or to create sims – so it’s nice to see the inclusion there.

The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Game Pack will be available starting on June 1st, 2021. Head over here to check out the official reveal for The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator.

You can also check out the Room Reno series by Paige, where she tears apart some of those bland townie rooms, and rebuilds and redecorates them to be full of both style AND function! (This game pack is going to integrate with the Room Reno series very nicely!)

If you can’t wait, head on over to our main The Sims Resource site and start downloading some custom content and renovate your own game! We’ve got close to 50,000 Build/Buy mode creations for The Sims 4 ready and waiting to bring your game to life!

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