Why Do Simmers Want Sims 4 Horses So Bad?

One of the biggest ‘requests’ for content from Simmers has been the addition of horses.  Anytime there is any new content released from EA you will see begging… pleading… fits… for horses. But why? What is so amazing about horses?

Sims 4 Horse

image by Beto Cowboy Pose Pack

Anticipated Arrival

Honestly, like many others, I expected horses in a Sims 4 Pet Expansion, just because that was what we as Simmers saw in Sims 3.  When Cats and Dogs were announced, many Simmers waited for a Pack containing horses… and were disappointed with the My First Pet Pack. (we are not going to talk about that pack…) At this point the community was starting to respond with rage, demanding horses, every single time a new pack was announced.

Sims 3 Horses

Sims 3 image  from Sims Wiki

Then a light of hope came from the horizon… the Country Living Pack… but still no horses. Sure Simmers got chickens, cows, and llamas, but no horses. Will horses make it to Sims 4? How much longer will these virtual equestrians have to wait? The short answer is we just do not know.

Why are Horses so Great?

If you have any social media account that follows anything Sim-related, you have probably seen the demand for horses (and werewolves).  So why are horses one of the top features Simmers want in the game? Well… being a ‘Horse Girl’ in middle school (aka obsessed with horses) all I can say is because they are HORSES and horses are amazing!

All joking aside for those of us who love animals and country life… we would love for horses to be in the game.  Personally, I absolutely loved the horses in the Sims 3.  My favorite aspect by far was designing the horses.  I got wayyyy involved with it and even started collecting trophies and ribbons with an entire room devoted to my horses.

The Internet Demands Horses

For so many reasons Simmers of the internet demand horses! They want their horses! A horse for every Simmer! But just how deep does this go…  If you look at a post asking Simmers what they want anywhere on social media, you will find… a demand for Sims 4 HORSES!

Sims 3 Horse

Sims 3 Image from Sims Wiki

How Hard is it to Put Horses In the Game?

EA is probably… most definitely aware that Simmers want horses in the game.  But… there is a huge list of things that Simmers demand and those things on the list have to meet what can be done with resources and as a business.

Sims 4 Horse memeAccording to a Twitter post by SimGuruRomeo the reason horses were not in Cottage Living was because horses would need more resources.  “Making horses with a quality and depth of gameplay they deserve is a substantial undertaking.”Also, Horses were not as essential for the garden-to-table experience in Cottage Living.

Obviously, with horses, they would be a little more involved than dogs, cats, chickens, llamas, and cows.  Which would take a lot of time and A LOT of development.  We are talking animations, new creatures, new gameplay, new social interactions, new CAS.. er CAH (create a horse), the ability to ride the horse, and so much more.

Horse Mods

Of course, if you HAVE to have horses there are mods. Simmers are a creative bunch, if there is an element that many Simmers desire you better bet that someone will develop content for it! Horses are no different as there are several options of mods that include them in your game.  One of the more popular mods is the Farmland Mod. This mod includes a lot of different features alllll about farming and that farm life, which includes horses.  

Sims 4 Horse

Photo by Beto  Delphine Pose Pack & also featured image

Of course, if you are more into taking photos for simstagram stories we have you covered here on TSR.  Beto has poses (Fantasy Pregnancy Pose Pack  Cowboy Pose Pack & Delphine VI Pose Pack)  with links to a download an object horse to pose with.  There are also plenty of equestrian-themed items and outfits at TSR… so when you get your horses… you know where to download your stable and farm life CC!


So let’s think about this, horses… you could create them, have pet interactions, ride, them, show them… it does sound like a load of gameplay.  So I totally agree with them not being in Cottage Living. However… I would love to see a Horse Game Pack. and yes I know you are thinking would Jezi actually PLAY Sims instead of making them… for horses… I would!

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