After watching all of Netflix’s newest series, Shadow and Bone, in one night (seriously, ask my friends, we did) I knew I had to do a lookbook inspired by the series. For the uninitiated, Shadow and Bone is based on both the Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows series by author Leigh Bardugo. If you haven’t read the books or seen the show yet, be warned: there are spoilers ahead.


Queen Alina!

Alina is the lead of Shadow and Bone, and she really starts the series with a bang (literally) when she saves Mal and everyone else on the ship from the volcra using her sun summoning ability. Following Alina as she comes into her own and her powers is a real joy (it helps that her actress, Jessie Mei Li, is incredibly charming). I’m excited to see where Alina’s story goes in future seasons–I can see her becoming a powerful leader in her own right.

Hair Cloak Shoes
Eyeliner Blush Lipgloss


Episode 1 MVP

Mal! My watch-group’s episode 1 MVP for his smooth moves with a rifle and for generally being a Cool Guy (TM). The man is consistently trying his best to get back to Alina, and I respect the drive almost as much as I respect his vintage military outfits, which is to say a lot. In future seasons I’d love to see more of Mal, especially if it means more of his great fight choreography.

Jacket Hair
Pants Boots

The Darkling

heehee hoohoo i’m the darkling

I’ve captioned the above photo with my friends’ new catchphrase for The Darkling–I think it’s really gonna catch on ;). The Darkling became one of our favorites in episodes 7 and 8 (post “make me your villain”). He’s a really entertaining antagonist to Alina, Mal, and the Crows. I love his snarky quips as well as his super cool powers (slicing that guy in half in episode 2 was metal). At first The Darkling seemed like a pretty okay guy–but he’s even more charismatic as a villain.

Hair Beard
Cloak Boots


#1 Crow. #2 Pigeon.

Onto my favorites: THE CROWS! The Crows were probably the focus of my watch-group’s favorite storyline in the show. Their humor, intelligence, and camaraderie was a joy to watch. Their leader, Kaz, is the most serious of the group (he is the one in charge) but isn’t without his moments of levity. He’s also just really freaking cool. I got to use eye bags for Kaz, which are some of the most underrated ways to make Sims feel more lifelike–most of us aren’t getting enough sleep, and Kaz is a relatable king.

Hat Hair Eye Bags
Jacket Pants Shoes


…never the same, totally unique

Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular–if I could insert the entire Lady Gaga clip here I would. Inej is an expert with knives, infiltration, and being the queen of my heart. She has heart, she has wit, and she has the skills. What more could you ask for as part of your heist crew? Hopefully in future seasons we get to see even more of her.

Hair Jacket Pants Boots
Eyeliner Contour Lipstick


best boy, after Milo the goat

Jesper is the best character on this show and I stand by that statement. He’s funny, charismatic, and smart when you least expect it. Having not read the book series the show is based on, I would read them just for Jesper. Stan Jesper, and stan his best friend Milo the goat. His absolute knockout skill with a revolver isn’t too bad either. More Jesper please.

Hair Eyeliner Jacket
Pants Boots

Thanks for checking out this Shadow and Bone inspired blog! The lot I used for captures is Wictoria by melcastro91. If you want to see more TV inspired lookbooks, check out our Wandavision lookbooks–parts one and two.

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