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Schitt’s Creek Lookbook


Welcome to The Sims Resource! Today, we’re doing a very special lookbook on one of my all-time favorite shows–Schitt’s Creek! If you haven’t seen the show, you absolutely have to–there’s a reason it swept the Emmys last year and has become an instant classic for thousands of people. Let’s meet the (Sim) Rose family and see what they’re wearing at the Rosebud Motel, built by McEBH1 on the gallery!

Rose Video CEO, Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose is a legend, both in business but also as patriarch of the Rose family. Johnny may be the only member of his family that starts the series knowing what hard work actually requires, but he goes on his own journey in the town of Schitt’s Creek learning about how to respect and understand the actions of his new neighbors and friends. From languishing in Bob’s garage to running a successful motel, Johnny is a supportive, loving friend or father figure to many in Schitt’s Creek–even if he bungles many of his social interactions.

Hair Blazer
Pants Shoes

Film and Television’s Moira Rose

Moira Rose–12 time (projected) Daytime Emmy nominee and true celebrity even when the world doesn’t know it. She is known not only for her iconic acting, but for her notorious black and white looks. Moira herself is a star–she doesn’t need color to stand out. Her collection of wigs is another notable facet of her personality–if I do another Schitt’s Creek lookbook, I’ll be sure to give Moira’s wigs the spotlight they deserve, but for today, the diva herself gets her due.

Hair Top Skirt Fishnets
Shoes Lipstick Earrings Eyeliner

Ew, David!

David Rose is not only an LGBT+ icon, he’s also one of the funniest parts of the Schitt’s Creek cast. From his love of “funky” sweaters to his insistence on continuing his mother’s black and white clothing choices, David is certainly not someone who fits into Schitt’s Creek at the start. Over time, though, he finds the love and support he never had in his old life, and despite retaining his love for fancy things, David learns that he’s more capable than he ever imagined.

Hair Sweater Pants
Shoes Brows Rings

A Little Bit Alexis

Alexis Rose begins the series as a woman content to go wherever her latest flings take her, but she has much more depth to her than that. Alexis has a keen eye for fashion, and her designer sundresses throughout the series make her one to watch when it comes to couture (at least for me, as a fellow sundress fanatic). Her hairstyles are also incredibly chic and change a ton–from ponytails with tousled curls to topknots, Alexis’ hair is always on point, like her fashion. As the series progresses she learns that she’s more than capable of hard work and succeeding on her own, and she does it all while looking fabulous–love that journey for her!

Hair Dress Shoes Lipgloss
Brows Necklace Earrings Eyeliner

Thanks for checking out our Schitt’s Creek lookbook on The Sims Resource! If you liked this one, there may be a part two in store for you coming soon ;). Interested in more TV inspired lookbooks? Check out our The Circle, Shadow and Bone, HSMTMTS, and WandaVision blogs! Thanks for reading 😀

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