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Saddle Up With CC for Ranch Living

Howdy Partners!  Let’s saddle up for the upcoming Horse Ranch Expansion Pack with CC!  Get ready to design your dream ranch with these FREE creations from TSR! Yes, you read that correctly. TSR already has FREE CC, perfect for Ranch Living!  So get your Sims ready with CC from TSR before the horses mooove in.

When is the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack Coming

Horse Ranch

So when is the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack coming?  Well, very soon!  July 20, 2023, to be exact… VERY VERY SOON!  YEEHAW! I can’t wait!!!  I have been waiting and wanting a pack with horses for sooooooo long!

About The Pack

So from what has been released so far, we know that there are horses, more plants, nectar-making, more animals, farming, ranch lots, and paintable ceilings.  Really all I needed to know from the trailers was that there are horses… the goats are an added surprise bonus that just took over the pack hype for me.  Yes, I’ll take all the goats…

TSR Themes To Check Out For This Expansion

So you are here for the CC… Here are a few themes I found on TSR that have FREE CC ready for your Sims to have the perfect ranch living experience.  With CC from the TSR, your Sims will have the best-looking ranches and the trendiest outfits before the horses even come out of the barn!

1. Farm & CountrySide Theme

Sims 4 Farm CC

The Farm & Countryside theme has much to offer, and I highly recommend checking out this theme even if you are not interested in the upcoming expansion.  There is a lot here; CAS, build, objects, décor, and lots.  So really, you can get a lot of what you need for your ranch right here!

2.  Wild West Theme

Sims 4 Wild West CC

The Wild West Theme has more CC, perfect for this upcoming Expansion Pack. Great décor, build, buy, CAS, and lots all within this theme! This is your first stop if you want to go with a complete Wild West Ranch!

3. Autumn Theme

Sims 4 Autumn Clothes

The Autumn theme has many wonderful CAS pieces for ranch living.  Some coats, boots, gloves, leggings, and plaids are ready for download!

4. Yard & Garden Theme

Sims 4 yard and garden cc

Some lots in this section might require in-game packs; please check under the lot description.

I added the Yard & Garden Theme here as it has a lot of outdoor object sets that are perfect for accenting outdoor areas.  Many charming lots in this theme may also be nice to match that Ranch Life aesthetic! Remember that these lots are available to download at TSR, but in-game packs may be required. Missing required in-game boxes can result in lot décor being misplaced and/or items being replaced by another game creation.

Get This Look – Wild West Cowboy

Don Ranch Living

CC Links – Hat, Top, Jeans, & Boots

Looking sharp as a cowboy Don!  I think Don is ready for his ranch!  I love the leather vest and matching black hat and boots; totally the perfect CC for ranch living!

TSR Artist To Check Out For CC For This Upcoming Pack

1- McLayneSims

Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC

MclayneSims has your Sims ready to hop on those horses when that horse comes out of the barn!  Complete outfits for the whole Sim fam!  This Artist has a good bit of Western CC released, all ready to be downloaded for your Ranch Sims!

2 – Pipco

Sims 4 Jeans CC

Jeans, jeans, jeans… you need jeans! Pipco has you covered with so many different variants of feminine-styled jeans.  There are; flares, straight legs, wide legs, jeggings… you name it for jeans, and Pipco has you covered!

3 – Birba32

Sims 4 Western CC

Need some fabulous western-styled clothing? Check out Birba32!  This creator even has a set perfect for a Western-themed wedding!  You could pair that wedding dress set with the Boho Wedding Collection and POOF Western Boho Wedding.

4 – SimmieV

Sims 4 Cowboys

Check it out; more western and ranch-themed CAS CC here.   SimmieV has complete outfits for your cowboys, including even hats!  Can’t go without the cowboy hat!  SimmieV has loads of masculine CAS creations that are perfect for your Sims to saddle up for the upcoming Horse Ranch Expansion and live that ranch life dream!

5 – Arltos

Sims 4 Boots

Your Sims are going to need some boots for their ranch living!  My first stop for trendy boots is Arltos!  Even Ranchers need to have nice shoes, and with all these boots, your Sims are set!

Get This Look – Romantic Western

Nina Ranch Living

CC Links – Hairstyle, Hat, Necklace, Top, Jeans, & Boots

Oh, and here is Nina!  Nina makes a sharp-looking rancher!  Love the braids in the hair under the hat and that top!  I saw this top and fell in love with it!  And, of course, we have some excellent form-fitting but flared jeans and boots to complete the look!

TSR Collections & Collabs To Check Out For This Expansion

1. Ye MEdieval Collab

Sims 4 Medieval Collab

Of course, with horses coming to the Sims, all of our knights from the Ye Medieval Collab are ready to ride.  Or if you missed this collab or want to download more, the Ye Medieval Collab is a great place to find CC if you want a more historical or fantasy-themed ranch.

2.  Bohemian Wedding Collection

Sims 4 Boho Wedding Collection

Remember that Western Wedding I was talking about?  The items in the Bohemian Wedding Collection are a perfect addition to a wedding, as Boho and Western Aesthetics are super trendy together!

3.  Arcane Illusions COllab

Sims 4 Unicorn CC

Do you want a little magic at your ranch?  Check out the Arcane Illusions Collab.  This is another excellent place for themed CC, perfect for a fantasy-themed ranch.  Or… my thought is to download tons of Unicorn décor and have rooms fully decked out in a Unicorn theme at one of my ranches!

Get This Look – Medieval Knight

Travis Ranch Living

CC Links – Hairstyle, Beard, Outfit, & Boots

So I never have given Travis Scott a makeover before, so… yes, This is the townie Travis Scott.  There are no alterations to his features, pure TSR CC, all you can get for FREE.  Travis looks like he is ready for that Medieval-themed ranch!

Upcoming TSR Coverage of The Pack

Of course, we have more content planned after we get our hands on the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack!   I will stop here and link the content in this blog when it is released!

If you want to know more about the upcoming expansion pack, check out the following blogs; Horse Ranch Gameplay Trailer, Behind the Scenes June 27, 2023,  Horse Ranch Trailer Reveal, and Horse Ranch Gameplay Live Stream.


I am super excited about the Horse Ranch Expansion Pack, as I have been waiting since the dawn of Sims 4 for HORSES!  Yes, I am a crazy horse Simmer.  I was just quiet about it… I promise.   The Horse Ranch Expansion Pack comes out on July 20, 2023!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch

All that said, it is going to be a lovely pack from what I have seen so far, and I am excited to play it… can’t wait to add CC to it! Yes, I downloaded pretty much everything I linked here! All CC at the TSR is FREE to download, so you can get your Sims dressed and ready for ranch living for the upcoming Horse Ranch Expansion Pack NOW!

Some lots in this section might require in-game packs; please check under the lot description.

Dina Ranch Living

CC Links – Hairstyle, Necklace, Earrings, Jacket, Skirt, & Boots

I had to include Dina as well… I saw this cow print & denim jacket, and it mooved me and had to be in this blog! Happy Downloading!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

If you are looking for more CC Similar to all the CC in this blog, check out the following blogs; Get That Look  – Western, Cowprint Fashion at TSR, One Color Décor – Purple Dining Room, and Paige’s Room Reno Series.

Horse Ranch Gameplay Livestream

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