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Outfit of the Month – Get that Country Girl Look

For September our Outfit of the month is a Country Girl look.  One of the best things about having hundreds of creators all on one site is the opportunity to find something amazing. Having so many different creators opens the doors to countless options for our Sims.  There are over a million things to download on TSR, that’s right over a million!  This a one-stop-shop to all things Sims; hair, clothing, makeup, tattoos, objects, lots, CAS backgrounds, shoes, and more.  The possibilities are endless here at TSR for your Sims.  

This specific outfit was inspired by the August theme of farms and countryside.  This theme was very popular and a lot of creators submitted content for it. You can look at all the submissions for the theme by going to the top left side and selecting Downloads and then Sims 4 in the drop-down menu.  Then you select the option ‘Show All,’ and after that, you go to the box called ‘Choose Theme.’ From there you can select any of the past themes that have been featured on TSR.  You can also choose a category to narrow down your search.  Of course, it is important to note you may find more (yes even more) content in this theme from before the theme submission dates.  


Once a month there will be a featured look and this look will have lots of links to CC all found here on TSR.  This County Girl look at first look may appear simple, but it features fifteen unique creations and twelve different artists from varying artist levels.  Each and every one of the featured CC links has also been tested in Create a Sim (CAS) and in-game.  Of course, this is but one way to make a Country Girl look and there are thousands of other ways all here on TSR.  

EnriqueS4 – Ari  Hairstyle 

With almost 40k downloads this hairstyle is an absolute gem!  This hair is considered Maxis Match, but the Ari Hairstyle so high quality that those who lean more towards Alpha CC will also enjoy it!  The hairstyle itself is fun but still farm work approved for your Country Girl look with the front of the hair pulled back out of the Sim’s face.  This lovely hairstyle comes in eighteen color swatches and is even hat compatible! 

Nords – Lenis Skin Blend 

The Lenis Skin Blend is a set of facial overlays that can be found within the face details section.  The particular part of the Lenis Skin Blend set featured is the face paint.  The whole set was made by Nords using Madmono’s Shattered Skin blend and Nords’ Nat Lips.  The added texture and clarity of the set gives a nice polished Maxis Match look on the face of your sim.  The only drawback to this face overlay is you have to be careful what makeup you use as sometimes the super Alpha creations do not play nice with it and you will have a pixelated edge between the two CCs.  

LadySimmer 94 – Berry Blast Eyeshadow

One of the better combinations I have found using the Lenis Skin Blend and makeup is LadySimmer94’s makeup collection.  This particular eyeshadow looks great on just about any skin tone and plays well with the Lenis Skin blend.  The eyeshadow comes in six shades of berry goodness of reds and pinks.  It has a more subtle coverage but still has a good deal of color pop within all the shades. 

-Merci- Contour Palatte No2

One of the core components in Sim creation that I always include is contour.  This gives the Sim a nice finished look, shadowing some of the features in the Sim’s face.  Merci’s Contour Palatte No2 gives a few options to shadow; nose, cheek, or both.   The contour also comes in four swatches to match different skin tones and Palatte No 2 is also HQ Mod compatible.  

ANGISSI – Lipstick Mary

ANGISSI’s Lipstick Mary is a very versatile lipstick, as it has a lot of natural or light color shades.  The gloss finish on the lipstick gives more dimension to the lips giving the Sim a nice polished look.  The one thing that really sets this particular lipstick apart is the coverage, the Lipstick Mary is a full-coverage lipstick and it plumps the lips of the Sim a bit, giving a nice full look.  None of the twelve colors are overly powerful and the Lipstick Mary seems to work well with different skin tones.  

Pinkfizzzzz – Summer Polka Crop Top – PF132

The Summer Polka Crop Top by Pinkfizzzzz is one of the cutest midriff tops ever!  The red polka dot theme screams Country Girl look.  The top also has cute ruffled sleeves that actually do well with most poses, as long as the arms are not up in the air.  The Summer Polka Crop Top’s simplicity in design and pattern makes the top easy to mix and match with.  It has a total of ten swatches, most of them polka-dotted patterns, but there is also a solid white and red pattern to the top, all perfect for a Country Girl!

LadySimmer94 – Love Me Smokey Eyeliner

LadySimmer 94’s Love Me Smokey Eyeliner is a single swatch that packs a punch of utility with Sims makeup.  It is a well-blended eyeliner to give that smokey eye looks and pairs well with most eyeshadows.  The Love Mey Smokey Eyeliner is not super thick or thin, just perfectly in the middle, making the utility for this creation endless. This creation is not only great for a Country Girl look but is one of my go-to eyeliners used for most of my sims.  

Sugar Owl –  Grl Pwr Face Tattoos

Tattoos can always be tricky with overlays and custom skin tones.  Fortunately, Sugar Owl does a fantastic job of getting their tattoos to work on them.  I have quite a few of Sugar Owl’s Tattoos and I have not had any issues at all with getting them to show on a vast array of skin tones. Specifically, on the Grl Pwr Face Tattoos, there are fifteen designs and five swatches, all of which are not super large, leaving the majority of the face nice and clean. 

Pralinesims – Cherry  Dash  Earrings

These super cute cherry earrings by Pralinesims were just the most perfect accessory for this outfit.  The Cherry Dash Earrings are finished with a shiny high-quality texture and come in ten swatches.  These earrings are definitely a must for your summer accessories and are perfect for a red-colored themed Country Girl look!

S-Club – WM Necklace 202020

The S-Club WM Necklace 202020 is a perfect accessory for a Country Girl!  It is a simple double ribbon necklace that lays slightly offset from the center of the Sim’s neck.  The necklace comes in a variety of ten solid colors and works well with CC poses and hair.  The simplicity of the design gives off a cute and elegant vibe that can be mixed and matched with a lot of other CC items.  

-Merci- Tattoo N08

Merci’s simple design of a single word along the color is a very popular look for Sims.  The tattoo N08 has over 181k downloads and is seen all over social media.  Merci’s creation comes in six different swatches, each swatch being a different word written in cursive script.  The tattoo is a very useful creation because it seems to work with all overlays and skin tones and also is HQ mod compatible.  

Ms Blue – Skintone Set V3

Good skin tones for Sims can be a struggle bus to find, fortunately, Ms Blue created Skintone Set V3.  It includes thirty-four different skin tones.  As a collector of all things CC this is not my one-stop for skin tones, but I definitely use these skin tones frequently on a lot of sims.  This skin tone is high quality and has over a million downloads on TSR.  Each skin tone is highlighted and well shaded giving a nice finished look to your Sims. 

S-Club Nails 201912

The S-Club Nails 201912 is a nice one tone nail polish that comes in twelve vibrant color swatches.  The colors range from the shown red to purple, blue, green, and more.   Each having a nice clean and high gloss look.  The simple design makes this creation a very versatile accessory in your catalog for all fashion looks.   

Margeh-75 Shorty Shorts

Who does not love jean shorts! Well, these Shorty Shorts by Margeh-75 come in eight shades all textured to mimic a denim look.  The shorts are clean, very short, and very tight, but perfect for that country girl look.  The Shorty Shorts by Margeh-75 are a great creation and perfect for mixing and matching fashion.  These shorts are great for a Country Girl because they do not get in the way of any outside work at all!

 Madlen Tilda Boots

What Country Girl does not need a nice pair of fringed boots?  The Tilda Boots by Madlen come in five shaded all mimicking the texture of leather.  The boots do have a heel, so they may not be the best for farm work.  After work or a dress update they are 100% perfection and County Girl approved!

Kendall rocking her Country Girl look

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