Olivia Rodrigo Inspired Lookbook


Olivia Rodrigo’s sour is one of the hottest albums of 2021, and not only are the songs great–her outfits in the music videos are too! Come along on a Sims fashion journey through her music videos to see what we can recreate in The Sims 4 in this Olivia Rodrigo inspired lookbook.

good 4 u

One of the most instantly iconic looks from good 4 u is the cheerleader outfit paired with black leather gloves. The simple design of a classic cheer outfit combined with the edgy factor of the gloves is just *chef’s kiss*. I wish I could perfectly recreate her expression from the video in The Sims, but alas, art can only imitate life so much.

Hair Top Skirt
Sneakers Gloves Eyebrows

deja vu

I am IN LOVE with this green dress. The sleek top contrasted with the super ruffled skirt is gorgeous, along with the unique color. I also adore the pairing of combat boots with a fluffy dress like this–it edges up a girly dress into something a little different. The bright pink lip is also a fantastic touch and is just different enough from a classic red that the look stays modern and fresh.

Hair Dress Boots
Necklace Lipstick Eyebrows

good 4 u (part 2, electric boogaloo)

This might be my favorite outfit from the good 4 u video, which is why it had to be included in this lookbook! I love the structured top combined with the blue plaid skirt and the leather gloves that feature in most of the music video. Since her shoes aren’t totally visible in the video, I decided to go with some white thigh high boots that helped complete the imagery of this portion of the video.

Hair Top Skirt Gloves
Boots Necklace Eyebrows Lipstick

first lady (of fashion!)

This look isn’t from a lookbook but it’s so incredibly iconic I had to include it. One of my friends sent me this outfit before I had even seen it and told me I had to buy something like it–that’s how “me” this look is. While I couldn’t find an exact plaid replica on TSR, I think the alternate version is also very cute–just remember to pair socks with your heels!

Hair Top Skirt Shoes
Earrings Lipstick Eyebrows Eyeliner

Thanks for checking out this Olivia Rodrigo inspired lookbook! Looking for other pop culture inspired Sims? Check out our Loki and HSM:TM:TS lookbooks! Love renovation shows? Check out Room Reno #12: Art Deco Dining Room. Thanks for reading!

Patch Notes: July 27th, 2021

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