November’s Inside Maxis Livestream

It’s time for another Inside Maxis livestream! On this month’s edition, we’re looking at the upcoming Modern Menswear Kit, going over the upcoming Neighborhood Stories, and a few misc. quality-of-life updates.

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Non-Binary Pronouns

January 2022 – there will be a Maxis “Fireside” chat on the first Inside Maxis livestream of the year. This will include the team to share an update on the research they’ve completed so far, as well as discuss their partnerships with external experts on the subject, and to go over the works-in-progress they have so far.

NPC Overhaul

The focus for the NPC overhaul is on “Flagship” characters, at least initially. There is no date for the update to formally happen, but they have shared some work-in-progress images. (They are, of course, subject to change as development continues. These are concept art paintings, painted over the existing sims.)

The Goths
Both Mortimer and Bella are going to receive facial adjustments, skintone and skin detail adjustments.

– Potential new hairstyle

– Potential new mustache

The Caliente Sisters
Both sisters are getting new facial features, and considerations are being made for potential new clothing as well.

– Facial features more inline with her ethnicity
– A possible new hair color, something a bit less yellow

– Sharing facial feature updates with Dina, since they are supposed to be sisters
– Potential new hair color as well, something more in the auburn family.

New Scenario – Surviving the Holidays

When new scenarios are added, they go live the day after the patch. 

The holidays can already be stressful enough as it is – getting gifts, decorating, keep up with the food – sheesh! “Surviving the Holidays” sets the scene to make that even more difficult by having your sim live with another sim that they just absolutely can’t stand. Sounds like a great time! (As long as it’s happening in the game and not real life!)

Sims Delivery Express

The first release with the Sims Delivery Express (SDX) will drop the day after the next patch. This first SDX delivery includes a hair update for the base game, which will then be followed the following week by a set of Holiday-themed items. Keep your eyes out!



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