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March Newsletter – 003

Is it just me, or did March fly by?  Thirty-one days in a month, and it seemed like a week!  Regardless, our March newsletter is full of all the Sim things that happened here at TSR and in the community!

TSR News

Each month, we have more and more CC, content, and exciting Sim things going on!  So, let’s take a deep dive into our March Newsletter.

Spring Sale

The Spring Sale is still ongoing and will be available until March 31st!  There are numerous deals to get VIP access today!  The lowest cost per month plan is the annual plan for $23.88 a year USD, equivalent to $1.99 USD per month!  So, if you are not a VIP and want the download basket, CC Manager, Early Access, Instant Downloads, Endless Scrolling, Access to the VIP Discord, and more… become a VIP Member Today! To learn more about VIP benefits, check out this blog HERE.


Pi Day Collection

We celebrated Pi Day with a Numbers Collection dedicated to Numbers!  This Collection has many mathematical creations to download, including many hairstyles, accessories, wallpaper, clothing, and more!  You can find the collection HERE.

Spring Floral Collection

We celebrated the beginning of Spring with the Spring Floral Collection! The CC in this Collection is blooming with all the beautiful blossoms of Spring—lots of flowers and color! Check the Spring Floral Collection out HERE.

Easter Collection

Hippity Hoppity! Our Easter Collection is coming soon! Stay tuned—it will be here before you know it!


If you did not know, TSR has a VIP Exclusive Discord!  It is a great place to hang out, talk about CC, participate in activities, learn about creating, speak with artists, and much more!  We are working on getting activities and challenges for our VIP Subscribers, and we have done a few so far!

Bingo Boards

I have been posting some of my SIMspiration Bingo Boards on the discord.  These are great activities if you need ideas about what to do in your game! So far, I have completed a Townie Makeover, Sim Creation, and Lot Creation Board.  You can find all of these on our Pinterest HERE.

Makeover Challenges

Makeover by a VIP Member in the VIP Discord

One of the recent challenges we completed as a group was showcasing a Sim before CC and after CC!  The results were beautiful, and it was amazing to see what different TSR users do with their CC collection!


If you did not know, we are everywhere on Social Media, so you can find us on Linktree with all our links HERE.


Our streaming tests have been completed, and we have been having a good time!  So far, we have CC-shopped, given the Goths, a Spring makeover, and even completed the Breed Out The Vlad challenge!  Streaming is every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 2:30pm EST US, so join the fun! You can find our Twitch account HERE.


We have been doing more giveaways! So far, we have given away some Amazon gift cards and free annual VIP subscriptions. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing Giveaways!


This month, I got to look at and play the new Stuff Pack Crystal Creations and had a lot of fun doing it!  You can check out the full review HERE.  I also wrote a spotlight piece on the Pi Day Collection, which you can find HERE. Since it is Spring, we have another edition of the Trending Colors coming soon, so be on the lookout for loads of Spring CC links!

The Sims Community

I have not seen many changes in the Sims Community regarding Gameplay or CC trends for this March Newsletter.  Many of us are still playing the New Stuff Pack Crystal Creations and still playing challenges.

Gameplay Trends

The final result of our Breeding Out the Vlad Live Stream

There have not been many changes in the Simming Community regarding trends and gameplay. Many folks are still on the Breed out the Vlad Challenge and Rags to Riches Challenges with the New Stuff Pack.

CC Trends

Again, for CC Trends, there is not a lot of change besides the addition of Spring CC due to seasonal changes and holidays. Fandom and Men’s CC, specifically skin details and facial hair, are still some of the top searched-for CC among Simmers.

The Sims 4 News

With the newest Stuff Pack edition, a patch was released in early March to fix some of the bugs found and some other existing issues. You can find all these Patch Notes HERE.

Dark & Lovely Collaboration

Screenshot from the official The Sims Page

Recently, The Sims announced the Dark & Lovely collaboration. This collaboration for hairstyles will be released in April, and new locs hairstyles will be released in July. This collaboration is between the beauty brand Dark & Lovely and the amazing content creator Ebonix. With this combination, we will surely see some really fantastic content.  This collaboration aims to give Simmers more opportunities to represent themselves authentically in gaming.  You can read more about this Collaboration HERE.

 Downloads For March

Now, it is time to look at some of the trending downloads for TSR in March!  Kitchens, Long Hairstyles, and Children’s CC were some of the month’s most downloaded items!  So, let’s take a look at what Simmers are downloading!

1 – Kitchen CC – The Kochia Kitchen by Wondymon

2 – Makeup –  2D Eyelashes by Angissi 

3 – Hair – Dear Society by Ade_Darma 

4 – Child CC – Sohpia Hairstyle by DarkNightT 

5 – Accessories – Fancy Heart Belly Piercing by Wisteria Sims

6 – Men’s CC – Fine Tapered Jeans by McLayne Sims 

7 – Lots – Lowther by Xogeraradine 

8 – Building – Elegant Mixture by matomibotaki

9 – MM – Carpenter Hairstyle by Enriques4

10 – Sims – Sim inspired by Ariana by Jolea 

Upcoming to TSR

So now that we are through with March, what is in store for April? Well, for starters, there is one highly requested and anticipated Collection that the artists have wanted to do for a while now! So watch out, as it is coming to TSR on April 15th! Of course, we have a few more things planned for April, but aside from saying you will love them, I wouldn’t know much else! You will have to wait and see!

We also have more activities and challenges for our VIP Discord, so join the fun if you are a VIP!  I hope you find this March Newsletter enjoyable and valuable, and we look forward to what April has in store!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

If you missed the previous TSR Newsletters, you can check them out here: January Newsletter and February Newsletter.


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