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Hey there! Welcome back to The Sims Resource. Today, we’ll be jumping back into the MCU with a Loki inspired lookbook! Haven’t seen Loki yet? Be careful reading through this lookbook. While I’m doing my best to avoid spoilers, this show has so many twists and turns that the very existence of some characters might be spoilers. You’ve been warned 😉


Loki! The show’s namesake as well as its reluctant audience surrogate of sorts (it’s not like we knew anything about the TVA going in!). He’s charming but also very prone to getting lost in his own machinations. I’m glad he’s getting another chance at redemption after the movies!

Hair Jacket
Pants Shoes


Sylvie is a mystery as the show starts…until we learn that she, too, is a Loki variant. Driven from her home world for being born female, she traverses time and space to stay safe from the TVA. I love a lot about Sylvie, but I mostly love her style–cloaks need to come back in and stay back in, thank you very much.

Hair Eyebrows Cloak
Liner Lashes Lipgloss


Mobius is a lovable TVA agent played by the king of “wow” himself, Owen Wilson. Though he may just be a cog in the machine, so to speak, Mobius is an empathetic and caring person above all, even his job. Give the man a jetski, Marvel, or we riot!

Hair Blazer
Pants Shoes


Judge Renslayer is one of the higher ups of the TVA and she means business. Loyal to the timekeepers to a fault, she is determined to perform the TVA’s sacred mission…even if it means going against her own morals or the lives of those around her.

Hair Blazer Pants
Shoes Eyebrows Lashes

Thanks for reading this Loki Inspired Lookbook! Want to see more of our MCU inspired blogs? Check out Wandavision Parts 1 and 2. Interested in builds? Check out our park tours! See y’all next time 😀

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