Laundry List: February 2022

It’s time for another Laundry List! This list from EA/Maxis provides the current community-reported issues that they are looking into and are hoping to have fixed in an upcoming patch.

Below are the issues in the current Laundry List, which all link to their threads on Answers HQ. Some of these issues go back several years – if you’ve experienced any of them, you can add your report to the appropriate thread. The more information they can gather about an issue, the more likely they will be able to fix it!

There is also a compiled list of many, many more current issues here. If you are experiencing any bugs not on the Laundry List, check out that thread of current issues. The problem you are experiencing may be listed there, and you can add your report to the appropriate thread.

Current Issues

Clicking on face in CAS goes IMMEDIATELY to detail mode

Massive Lag when entering and exiting BuyBuild Mode

[ECO] World looks like under water/no ground (Build mode from map)

Male sims walk/jog/.. with feminine style

[SV] Unable to harvest the Bizarre Fruit

Fences disappear when hovering with gate

‘Entitlement missing” on gallery downloads unless all packs from build

Incorrect Gender Flag on Pants/Pants look bad on female frame

[DHD] Dress leaves discoloration on certain shoes/boots

Eyelashes get color of curly short hair

Crows Feet on Teens

[CoL] Female Hairstyle Creating Gaps/lines In Model

As always, be aware that not every issue on the list is guaranteed to be fixed in the next patch. Especially considering that some of these issues have been around for several years, it may take an extended period of time for EA to get them resolved.

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