July 20th, 2021 Game Patch Notes

The notes for today’s game patch are up! We’ve got several new features coming to base game, and a whole lot of bug fixes! (A literal ton! I carved them into bricks and then weighed them, as one does. It was exactly one (1) ton. I will not be taking any questions.)

Check it out:

New In-Game Artwork

All three of the new pieces of artwork are now in game for you and your sims enjoyment! (The first one was added in the previous patch, the bottom two are new to this patch.)

New Modern Afro

This beautiful new hairstyle has been added, and it looks amazing! The added texture and shape definition is beautiful!

(Look at that expression. She knows she’s serving up looks all day long.)

Come along, Pond!

Does the TARDIS actively avoid landing in water?

Anyway, we finally have the ability to build natural ponds! Not pools, not dirty pools, but actual ponds!

The existing terrain tools can be used to raise/lower the shape of the pond as desired, then there are new tools to raise or lower the water level.

Water patterns can be changed for different colors and different textures – pool water, pond water, leaf-filled water, etc. There are also a new selection of effect spawners for things like fireflies, dragonflies, even an aligator!

Zoomer Food Delivery Service

Is your Uber Eats delivery driving starting to give you very judgemental looks after seeing you for the fourth time today? No, just me? Hm. Well, now your sims can also enjoy never leaving the house while also never cooking their own food! Sims can order food via the phone, or directly from the fridge and have it delivered! What, you don’t have an 17 hours before work to cook breakfast?


The calendar (previously from Seasons) is now available for all players, including Base Game. This keeps track of birthdays, schedules for work and school, holidays, festivals, fairs, etc.

(Note that this particular view is with Seasons installed, so you may not see all of the holidays if you do not have Seasons.)


Previously found under the Phone option, the Notebook collects and displays relevant information for things like fishing and gardening as your sim catches and discovers things. The Notebook icon has been moved to be in line with the Calendar and Phone buttons.

(Note that the, er, Notebook, is fully autonomous – it fills up with relevant information as you play the game. You cannot manually add to it in any way, nor can your direct your sims to write in it.)

“bb.moveobjects” Lot Placement Warning

Whenever you place a lot that was built using the moveobjects cheat, you’ll now see this nifty little notice pop-up reminding you about it. Make sure you turn on the cheat “bb.moveobjects” before loading the lot to ensure that everything gets placed correctly!

This pop-up will appear with both lots downloaded directly from the Gallery, as well as when placing custom lots you’ve downloaded from outside of the Gallery.

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes in this patch! In particular,

– Mirror Reflections have been updated so that doors will now render correctly.

– Simulation Lag has been improved a bit overall, although it is not entirely solved. This is a work in progress.

– The lighting on sectionals from Dream Home Decorator has been smoothed out and will now render smoothly across all sections.

– Sims will no longer be stuck in a perpetual never-ending sleep cycle.

There are also many other issues across many different packs that have been resolved! Head over here to check out the full (very long) list of things that have been fixed with this game patch!

Lastly, as with any patch, especially one of this size, note that there are going to be many mods that are broken, and possibly normal Custom Content as well. Creators and Modders will be checking their content and updating them as time permits. 

TSR – July Artist Draft 2021

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