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Welcome back to The Sims Resource blog! Today we’re recreating some of the styles from In The Heights in a Sims 4 lookbook. For those who don’t know, In The Heights is the movie adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s 2008 Broadway musical of the same name. Telling the stories of various residents of Manhattan’s Washington Heights neighborhood, In The Heights explores what chasing dreams really takes in New York City. Let’s get into the lookbook!


Usnavi is the narrator of In The Heights, leading viewers throughout the neighborhood and its residents. He’s played in the film adaptation by Anthony Ramos (who you might recognize from Hamilton!) and is a joy to see on screen in pretty much…every scene. A self-proclaimed “streetlight”, Usnavi loves to spotlight the stories of those who live with and around him through his storytelling.

Hair Facial Hair Shirt Jeans Boots


Vanessa is a girl with big dreams that she’s determined to chase. While working to become a high-end fashion designer, she spends her days working at the neighborhood salon, hearing all the gossip from around Washington Heights. Her fashion sense can be seen in the teal dress she wears when she and Usnavi go out dancing–not only does the fit flatter her, but the color makes her hair and eyes pop.

Hair Dress Shoes Contour Eyeliner
Nails Earrings Brows Lipgloss Skin Overlay


Benny is driven, smart, and most of all–cool. The hardest worker at the cab company that Nina’s father owns, he has big plans for his future. Nina is a part of most of those plans, of course; it’s hard to separate the two and their big dreams, as Benny is Nina’s fiercest advocate and supporter, and Nina wants the world for him as well. Benny is incredibly fun to watch at work–If I were a cab driver, I would want to hear Benny’s dispatch every morning.

Hair Shirt Jeans Sneakers


Nina is a go-getter, above everything else. She holds the expectations of the entire neighborhood on her shoulders, attending Stanford as the first member of her family to attend college. Despite her struggles at the elite school, Nina still finds moments of joy in her time at home–talking to Abuela Claudia, spending time at the salon with Vanessa, and participating in the very first Carnival de Barrio. When Nina finds her purpose, it becomes clear that the world had better watch out for her–she and Benny will take it on together.

Hair Jeans Sneakers
Shirt Blush Lipgloss


Sonny is Usnavi’s little cousin and an absolute spitfire! Determined to make a positive change in the neighborhood, he works hard at the bodega with Usnavi as well as in school so that his future can be as bright as possible. He’s one of the funniest characters in the movie as well as one of the most emotionally grounded, making him incredibly lovable to everyone who sees him perform.

Headphones Hair Shirt Shorts Shoes

Thanks for checking out this In The Heights inspired lookbook! Want to see more of our TV and Movie inspired looks? Our Schitt’s Creek and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series blogs are for you! Interested in something different? Check out Room Reno #9 or our guide to the June 29th patch notes!

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