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How to Make an Attic in Sims 3

how to add an attic in Sims 3

This tutorial will teach you how to make an attic or increase the space under your roof in The Sims 3. This will be useful for small houses. Two bedrooms and a bathroom may fit on the attic, as shown on my finish product cottage. This can also help you learn how to use the “constrainfloorelevation” cheat. Hope you’ll learn something from me.

Step 1:

Build a box 2 levels high.

build a box two levels high

Step 1a:

Build a base (1×1) on the side with walls (1×1) on top of it. NOTE: Don’t forget to remove the auto roofs.

build a base

Step 2:

Enter the cheat constrainfloorelevation false (CTRL + SHFT + C + constrainfloorelevation false).

From top of your foundation, flatten the top level of


your house-to-be with the terrain leveling tool (a floor tile can also be used for this).

NOTE: You need to pull the leveling tool (or floor tiles) FROM the foundation TO the opposite side of the house, not the other way around.

flatten the top of the house

Step 3:

This is how it should look like. I have colored the walls in different colors so you may see what happened to the walls.

build an attic in Sims 3


Step 4:

Now on the top floor, build a wall box inside the short walls (see the pictures), this will be on top of the green walls. This will pull the walls on the sides of the house up to the regular height, and that made the whole trick (the attic).

TECHNICAL: It will be much easier to use the “create room” wall than the “create wall” command.

build a wall box

Step 5:

Try adding a roof, using the “red” walls as your base for your roof.

add a roof

Step 6:

As you can see in the picture, the walls is higher than the roof, adjust it using the “adjust roof type” slide, to your desired roof height.

adjust roof type

This is how it should look like:

adjusted roof

Using different colors of paint, so you’ll see what happened to the walls (see image). Your attic is already complete by this time, you may put windows at the front and back of the house. But if you want we may also add dormers. This will also enlarge your space. So let’s continue to the next step.

how to make an attic in Sims 3

Step 7:

To make your attic/space more beautiful, let’s add dormers. Proceeding from Step 6, make a box for your dormer. See the image. Make sure that your cheat (constrainfloorelevation false) is still ON.

add dormers

This is what it should look like with the main roof:

how to make an attic in Sims 3

Step 8:

I painted the walls white (the uneven wall) and black (the main dormer wall). As you can see the white walls aren’t nice to look at, so we’ll delete them. Let’s remove the uneven wall on the side of the dormer. Using the sledgehammertool, smash the white walls.

remove the white walls

Step 9:

Let’s add the roof of the dormer. You may add one or two dormers, depending on what you want. In this image, I made 2 dormers.

add roof to dormers

Step 10:

After adding roof to your dormer, this is what it should look like with the main roof.

how to make an attic in Sims 3

Step 11:

Don’t forget to turn your cheat off “constrainfloorelevation true.” This is what your attic will look like: (the size varies to your own desire, you may change it if you want)

the interior of the Sims 3 attic


If you want to change the height of the dormer roof, here’s how:

  1. Use the sledgehammer tool to smash the MAIN roof.
  2. Adjust the roof of the dormer on your desired height using the “adjust roof type” slide.
  3. Then click on “undo” or press CTRL Z, to add the main roof back.
  4. Change the color of the roof if you want and don’t forget to add stairs.

Step 12:

Make your house beautiful by adding plants, paint and fences if you like. Now this is how your cottage or small house should look like after adding the finishing touches.

Enjoy making your small houses bigger and make your roof usable. Happy Simmin!!

finished attic

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