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How to Build an Infinity Pool in The Sims 3 (with effects)

how to build a Sims 3 infinity pool

We’ve gone over building a pool in The Sims 3, including building a pool window, but let’s go over how to build an actual infinity pool with effects. This simple tutorial will show you just how easy it is.

How to Build an Infinity Pool

Build a foundation. Size does not matter.

build infinity pool foundation

Build a pool on the foundation. There must be a side or wall along the foundation.

build a wall for infinity pool

Flatten all sides of the foundation except the one with the pool edge.

Enter the cheat: ConstrainFloorElevation false.

Now flatten this side of the foundation or the pool is on the brink.

flatten foundation

Normally you get this:

sims 3 infinity pool

Do not panic, as this is perfectly normal. You’re just leveling the
foundation like this:

leveling the foundation

Now everything is back to normal. Enter the cheat ConstrainFloorElevation False.

infinity pool back to normal

Build a small fence like this:

build a small fence

Then add a metal floor.

add metal floor

Remove one square so the pool has 6-tile edge or the water will fall off a 2-tile edge like this:

remove tiles to keep water in pool

Enter the cheats TestingCheatsEnabled True and BuyDebug.

add effects to Sims 3 infinity pool

Place a Fog Emitter. Change the effect by writing waterfall_2_short.

Then put a square pool below the transmitter

Miracle! The transmitter floats on water!

Here’s how it looks in lifestyle:

finished infinity pool in Sims 3

And your infinity pool in The Sims 3 is complete! Go take this knowledge and have fun!

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