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How to Build a Caravan in The Sims 3

how to build a caravan in Sims 3

This tutorial will show you how to build a caravan for your Sims in The Sims 3.

Step 1

Choose a lot for your Caravan. If you plan making a caravan park I recommend you to take a small lot so that you can arrange some lots in a row.

My lot has a size of 20×15 tiles. My Caravan will have a size of 10×4 tiles. For placing the construction items under the caravan later it is important that you have a flat lot. Go to the terrain tools menu and flatten your lot with the flatten lot button.

Step 2

building a foundation lot for caravan

Now go to the foundations menu and build an one tile width border as shown in the picture.

You have to leave this empty space in the middle. We will see later why this is important.

Step 3

using the level terrain tool

Next got to the terrain tools again, and choose the level terrain tool. Drag it all over the foundation from one corner to the corner diagonally opposite to flatten the grid.

Step 4

start building the caravan

Now we can start building the caravan. For a better overview I have started with the floor. You can see that there is a space between the floor and the foundation.

There must be a space of at least one tile. Otherwise you cannot remove the foundation where you have placed a window or something else on the wall.

Now you can start building your caravan.

Step 5

remove the auto-roof option

Be sure to remove the auto roof option. You can do it in build mode/roofs menu. Put a floor on the top of your Caravan.

Step 6

add doors and windows to Sims 3 caravan

Add windows, a door and everything that has to put on the walls outside as the backlight or Apple’s The Pull Factor.

Step 7

remove the foundation

After that you can remove the foundation.

Put the construction items over and under the caravan. You can find them in buy mode/decorative/misc.

Step 8

finishing touches on your caravan

At last add a stair and a wall.

You can find the walls in build mode/walls/paneling.

Step 9

completed Sims 3 caravan

Now you can furnish your completed caravan and decorate it inside and outside. We are done!

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