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How to Build a Boat Lot in The Sims 3

how to build a boat lot in Sims 3

Not only can our Sims live on land, but now they can live on water. There are several boats available to download, and this tutorial is going to teach you to make your own boat lot in The Sims 3. It requires a large amount of time and perseverance, as well as creative input. Stick to it, don’t give up, and you will turn out with some fantastic results.

Step 1

Choose a nice large lot to build your boat on. You’ll need it to be big so you can create a nice lake around your boat. I’ll be using 467 Farmer Valley Road in Riverview. Once you enter the lot, you’ll need to flatten it with the Flatten Lot button in the terrain tools menu.

Step 2

Now, you need to cover the entire lot in water. It doesn’t matter about the depth, we’ll adjust this in a minute.

Step 3

build a lot of water

You need the depth of the water to be deep enough so you can’t see the terrain paints, but not too deep. Roughly one story deep is good. Change the depth of an area in one corner to get it right.

Now you need to flatten the bottom of your lake. Using the Level Terrain tool, drag from the corner with the correct depth to the opposite one.

Step 4

decide shape of your boat

Now, decide on the shape and size of your boat. Build an island a little larger than that size, and flatten it with the Leven Terrain tool.

Step 5

outline shape of boat

Build the basic outline shape of your boat on the island with the Foundation tool. Once that’s done, you must press Shift + Ctrl + C and enter the cheat  “constrainfloorelevation false” into the console.

Step 6

lower boat foundation in water

Now, in a similar way to steps 2, 3, and 4, lower the island down into the water, submersing the foundation in water. When you flatten the bottom of the lake, the top of the foundation should pop back up above water.

Step 7

level the foundation

Now we need to get the top of the foundation at the right level; just above the water is about right. For this, we’ll need to build a sort of “Scaffolding” at the side of the lake. At the side, you need to flatten out the bottom of the lake, high enough to let a piece of foundation just poke out of the water.

Step 8

use level terrain tool

Using the Level Terrain Tool, level from the piece of foundation “scaffolding” across to the boat. Then, flatten all of the foundation so it’s all at the correct level. Now we’re ready to build on top of our boat base.

Step 9

Now you can start to build the upper part of your boat. Build the basic outline and interior rooms first.

build upper part of boat

Advanced Section – Step 10

This part of the tutorial takes things to a more advanced level using lots of CFE. It’s best to learn a bit before you attempt this part. It’s split up into several different sections depending on what part of your boat you want to develop. If you want to skip advanced techniques, just go on to step 26.

Creating a curved Bow (steps 10-18)

Select the sledgehammer tool. Delete all of the foundation from where your curved bow will be.

Step 11

build bow

Enter the cheat “moveobjects on.” Now, cover the place where your foundation was with columns. Make sure every square is covered (has a transparent cross on it).

Step 12

Cover this area with floor tiles.

Step 13

delete the columns

Now, delete the columns from before.

Step 14

flatten floor

Flatten the floor back down to normal height, similarly to Step 8.

Step 15

add foundation to top of water

Create a single piece of foundation to the side of the lake. Make it so the top of the foundation is poking out of the water just a little more than the boat is.

Then, flatten a large area adjacent to it. With the large circular brush on the softest setting, raise the terrain a tiny amount.

Step 16

level from the foundation

Level across from your piece of foundation to the bow of the boat. You’ll notice that the bow will raise a tiny bit. We want to keep doing this so we get the raised bow. You need to level the whole bow to this height, leaving the sloped row of flooring just at the edge.

Step 17

flatten the scaffolding for boat

One you’ve done that, flatten off from the very edge of the newly raised terrain. We don’t want to raise up the terrain too much. Then, flatten the whole of the “scaffolding” area to this height.

Step 18

Now we can build a new piece of foundation. Repeat 16, but only level to one row further away. Continue to do this as many times as you need to get the whole bow raised in a slope.

raise whole bow in a slope

Adding Curvature – Step 19

adding curvature to boat in Sims 3

We can use some of the principals from the last section to add curvature to the boat. That’s things like sloping parts and walls that have a curve along the top. I’ll be adding a curve to the back of the boat, but you can easily apply the same principal to different parts.

Key Point when using this principal (read on to understand further)

– You can only level across from the one level to the same one. So if you have a wall that is only on the first floor that you want to be the same height as the fifth floor, you cant level across from the fifth floor to the 1st. So when interpreting this principal to use in different ways, remember to consider this.

Start by building a scaffolding tower at the side. We can raise this up and down, in order to do the same to the levels of floors and walls of the boat.

Step 20

level from scaffolding

We’ll be using the same concept for “leveling off” as used in steps 8 and 14-18. Start with the scaffolding tower. Lower it down so the foundation is just a small amount under the water. Then level off from the second story of the tower over to the same on the boat.

Step 21

Lower again and level across again to get a curve (similar to steps 15-18).

Step 22

If you’ve got any problems with pointy parts or single squares that are out of shape, simply use a wall to fix. A wall will level any tiles it goes across to the same height of the tile where it started from. We can use this remove these tiles that are out of place.

use a wall to fix shapes

Getting to the Boat (22-24)

You finally need to add a gangplank or bridge that will let your Sims get onto the boat.

Step 23

Add a pier at side of the lake, for the bridge to come off of. Make it from foundation, which needs to stick out into the lake to where you want your bridge to start from.

Step 24

create the bridge to the boat lot

Where you want to create the bridge, place you need to place columns under the water (use the moveobjects on cheat). Then, add some flooring on top for where the bridge will be. Using the columns will mess-up the boat and pier somewhat, however you can just fix this with the leveling and leveling with walls techniques that you have already learned.

Step 25

Using the same leveling technique that you’ve learned throughout the tutorial, slowly lower down each tile of the bridge until it looks something like what I have below. Alternatively, you may choose to have a curved bridge or even none at all! Your Sims can always teleport onto the boat!

finish bridge to boat lot

Finishing Off -Step 26

Time to furnish. Add tables, sofas and chairs to the outside decks, and nice open plan rooms on the inside. Boats work best this way, as it gives a great nautical feel. Make sure you turn CFE off at this point, by typing “constrainfloorelevation true” into the console. Decorating especially can
muck up all your hard work! Landscape the surrounding area; you could do it on a sea theme with beaches at the edge, or make it so the boat appears to be in a dock! Just experiment, and choose what you think is best. After all, experimenting is what this tutorial is all about.

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