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How to Add Glass to Sims 3 Objects

how to add glass to Sims 3 objects

Sometimes you wish to add glass or another fancy material to your Sims 3 objects that aren’t present yet. The following steps will show you how this is done.

Duplicating Group

Right-click on the group you wish to clone and choose Duplicate.

how to add glass to Sims 3 objects

You have to duplicate the group before you export the EA mesh and replace it with your own.

Renaming Groups

Optional step. Right-clicking on a group allows you to rename the groups with your own names. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of groups to work with.

renaming groups

Change Shader

Open the Material Editor by clicking the button next to material.

change the shader

From the Shader drop down list select the material you want. In this example Glass for objects is chosen.

select glass for objects

Next Workshop will ask you if you want to populate the material with the default properties. Important that you click No.

Do not populate the material with default properties

Comparing to existing Materials

The best way to achieve what you want your material to look like is to look at existing EA materials by cloning an item which already has that specific appearance. The following shows a Glass for objects from EA (sculptureFloorChinaCabinetFederal2x1).

glass parameters

The transparency and color of the glass is controlled over Diffuse.

In the next chapter you’ll learn how to achieve this by removing (or adding) properties.

Edit Material Properties

The editing in this chapter can also be done on existing materials and doesn’t require to duplicate a group of course. You can delete properties by right-clicking and choosing Remove.

remove material properties

If you know the shader accepts other properties which aren’t present you can add them over the + Add link in the top right corner of the Material Editor and the following dialog will show up where you can select what you want.

select glass property to add

Be aware that not every property works in every shader! For example you cannot add a normal map to an object which has not already one.

Sometimes you require to relink an existing complate, choose Browse when right-clicking on Diffuse map or Specular map and select the correct complate in Project Contents.

browse for diffuse map

If you’re satisfied with the properties and their values, click on Done in the Material Editor.

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