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Desert Luxe Kit Build!

Welcome back to a very exciting brand new build at The Sims Resource! Today we’re helping a family who desperately need a new backyard using the all-new Desert Luxe Kit, which was released FREE for all Sims players! Let’s meet the Sims we’re helping.

Meet the Williams!

The Williams family has been living in Evergreen Harbor since their twin daughters were born, which means they’ve had a lot of time to fall in love with their house–and not a lot of time for renovations, especially outside. Even though the interior of the house has enough space for the whole family and has really grown on them, but the yard. Oh, the yard. It’s just sort of depressing, to be honest. When they moved in, both Emily and Davis didn’t think much of the yard, figuring that they would get around to the yard eventually. However, eventually (as it usually does) never really happened. So now it’s time to renovate!

And this renovation is a very special one, because it’s using the brand new Desert Luxe Kit, which EA released to all Simmers for FREE if you buy the base game before October 17th! Because it’s an all new Kit that everyone can use, I just had to do a build with it (that’s partially why this isn’t an official Room Reno–this is a very special occasion!). It also just looks so pretty and useful…a lot of the kits have worked with aesthetics that I haven’t loved, but this one is great. Let’s see what we’re working with!

The Before

This yard has all the pieces of a successful yard, but it all really needs to be stepped up several notches and properly organized to reach its full potential. I love the sun loungers (plz for the love of god put sunscreen on your Sims I have had so many of mine looking like lobsters) and I think that on a hot summer day having one out is an absolute must. These chairs are just not aesthetically pleasing enough, so I’ll have to swap them out for the new ones from the kit. From there, we have the grill.

While the kit comes with a grill, I do like to do these builds with a little bit of actual gameplay in mind, and my Sims always go running outside in the middle of storms to try and grill even though they have perfectly good indoor stoves (Sims really do be out here having complete death wishes, huh). Instead, I want to swap in a bar and some barstools for outdoor dining, though I will say as far as grills go the new one in the pack is super cute and is DEFINITELY going in some future builds (when I decide my Sims can risk death-by-lightning). Let’s get planning!

The Planning

Okay! Planning time! In this case, I allotted the most space while planning to the seating area. I love a patio set (why and how have I become my mother) so I wanted to make sure there was enough space for as much seating as possible for outdoor entertaining. Having somewhere to go sit when it’s nice out is truly underrated. I’m going to be adding some tile to the area so it can officially become a patio, as well as a small platform for the lounge chair so that the Sim using it can soak up the sun at the best possible angle.

I also saved a lot of space for an outdoor fireplace! I don’t know how popular this opinion is, but I think outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are so, so great for entertaining. You can roast marshmallows or hot dogs for fun, or you can use it to keep you warm as the summer nights grow cooler (or both). It also extends the time you can use the patio into the spring and fall, which is always a good thing. It’s a real win-win if you ask me, and I decided to use the new awning that came with the kit to help protect the sitting area from the elements to add to its usability, even in less than ideal weather conditions. Just make sure your Sims put on their raincoats before hiding under the awning (it’s not completely covered).

The After

Something about this build makes me really happy! I think it’s partially just how high quality all the items in the pack are, as well as all the different colorways the objects come in (I had to go with the peach and brown–it just spoke to my soul in the moment!). The warmth of all the different pieces combined with some CC turned out so well and was so easy to put together once I had a game plan in place. Even if you don’t consider yourself a builder, this kit is really easy to use and make a space look incredible without giving yourself a headache trying to make it look professional.

For some extra context, I added this build to one of the prebuilt houses in Evergreen Harbor. I really believe anyone could add or update a patio on an existing EA lot and create a space they really love to look at and love playing in with this kit, which is why it’s so exciting that it’s available for download for anyone who already has the game! If you’re afraid to build, I think this kit is a great stepping stone to doing more independent builds and playing with more furniture, CC or otherwise. I encourage you to give this kit a go if you haven’t already, even if it’s just swapping out a basic grill for a prettier peach colored one. I think you won’t regret it!

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