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Creating Sims 3 Patterns Easily

This simple step by step guide will help you to create Sims 3 patterns! You don’t even need any knowledge about editing graphics or Photoshop! If you already have a pattern you would like to use, I recommend that it have equal proportions (256×256 pixels is optimal).


  • TSR Workshop
  • Photoshop or another graphics editing program (I use Photoshop Elements 7.0, but you could use similar programs)
  • A design you want to put into the Sims!

Step 1

Open up the image you’re using for a pattern, in Photoshop. It should have three main colors at most. For this tutorial, I’m using a camo texture.

Once you’ve loaded it up, we’re going to change the colors around.

creating sims 3 patterns

Step 2

Now, we need to select the areas that have the same color. To do this, choose the Magic Wand Tool (the 7th tool from the top). Make sure the settings are: the selection mode= Add To Selection; and the Tolerance should be set to around 12. The less distinct the colors are, the lower the tolerance should be.

setting tolerance

Step 3

Once you finish the settings, start clicking on one of the main colors in the template. For example, I’m going to start with brown. So I would click on every brown space. If you notice that some of the other colors are being selected, set the tolerance lower.

setting the tolerance lower

Step 4

When you have selected the areas with the same color, go to Enhance–>Adjust Color–>Adjust Hue/Saturation.

adjusting Sims 3 pattern saturation

Step 5

In the next window, check the box that says Colorize. Then move the Hue slider all the way to the left to make the brown areas appear red. Click OK when you’re done.

create sims 3 patterns

Step 6

Press CONTROL + D to de-select the red. Now you must repeat step 3-5 with the second color. When you finish selecting the second color, check the Colorize box, and move the Hue slider to 220, and the Saturation slider to 41. This makes it blue. Now press CONTROL + D again and repeat step 3-5 with the last color. Set the Hue slider to 110 and the Saturation slider to 41.

Step 7

What do you end up with? A really ugly picture! Don’t worry, it will look normal soon. Go to File–> Save As… Now click the “As a Copy” check box. Make sure you save your image in a BMP format. Click Save.

save new Sims 3 pattern

Just click OK on the next window that pops up. You can exit Photoshop now.

Step 8

Open up TSR Workshop. Go to Tools–> Pattern Tool. Click on Browse, and find the picture you saved. Then enter a title, description, category, and surface type. See below for an example:

pattern tool in TSR Workshop

Check the checkboxes for Red, Green, and Blue. Make sure that Blending is enabled on each. Click on the big white square in the Red category. Then click Define Custom Colors>> and choose a color for the red areas. It doesn’t have to be exact. Then click OK. Your pattern is finally starting to take a bit of shape!

choosing colors in TSR workshop

Step 9

Do the same thing for Green and Blue. Your image should start to look a bit normal. Now you’re going to have to fine tune the colors.

repeat for green and blue, fine-tuning colors

Fine tune the colors by making them darker, lighter, more vibrant, more dull, etc., until you have an acceptable pattern. It probably wont look exactly like the original. When you’re happy, click =>Export. Below is an example of my finished product:

finished Sims 3 pattern creation

Step 10

Enter your name, your TSR profile page, TSR login email, and password. Click OK. Then in then in the next screen, enter a name for your pattern. Click Save.

Saving the Sims 3 pattern in TSR Workshop

You’re Done!! If you want, you can submit your pattern to TSR! Have Fun!

Sims 3 Pattern Making Tutorial

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