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CC Finds – Sim Shoe CC Shopping

Hey all, Jezi here, and today we are CC shopping for Sims Shoes! There are so many pairs of shoes at TSR. So I decided for this blog to highlight shoes by some of the top IRL fashion trends.  I know this is a bit more than usual, but… our Sims cannot have enough pairs of shoes, right?  So get your basket ready, and let’s go Sim Shoe CC Shopping!

Sim Shoe CC

As you are well aware, the TSR has a lot of everything you need for your Sims, including Sim Shoe CC.  Have you ever had that moment when you look at your style and are like, “I have to find the right pair of shoes!” or “If only I had these shoes…”  Well, this is much easier to fix for your Sims, as THOUSANDS of pairs of shoes are ready to be downloaded here at TSR!

Shoes from Social Media and Blog header – Diamond Heart Heeled Sandals S212 by Mermaladesimtr

CC Shopping – The Shoes

Generally, with these CC Find Blogs, I list ten CC items of what we are looking for, and that is it… I cannot do that with shoes… so we will try something different; I picked shoes from specific styles in real life that are trending now.  Sure, some of these shoes can fit many different types of styles.  So enjoy and happy downloading!


We will start this CC Find with Sim Shoe CC for this huge current trend Barbiecore!  Here are three pairs of shoes that will fit your looks for your Barbie-inspired Sims nicely! We have TONS of CC here at TSR for you to complete this look.

1. Bow-Heeled Mules S200 by Mermaladesimtr

2. Pastel Glitter Shoes With Bow by MYSTERIOUSOo

3. Platform Ankle Strap Heels S155 by Mermaladesimtr

If you want more CC or information on Barbiecore, we have the following blogs Barbiecore Sims and The Barbie Movie Inspired CC.  And the  Barbie-Inspired Dream House Build Video.


For the second set of shoes, we have a trend that has defied time… honestly, it will be around for the long haul.  Yes, I am talking about Y-2K!  There are so many variants of Y-2K it made picking Sim Shoe CC a bit tricky, as I was limiting myself to three different pairs per style.  I wanted to include the pumps with socks, bright sneakers, and metallics!

1. Omega Futuristic Sneakers by Flystone

2. Shoes 117 – Heels With Socks by Arltos

3. Gathered Heeled Boots (Recolor) by Mermaladesimtr

To read more about Y-2K Fashion, check out the following blogs; Y2K Fashion in The Sims 4, Room Reno #28, Y2K Bedroom, or Y2K/Soft Girl Lookbook.  We also have a Y2K – Punk Fashion Lookbook Video you can check out!

Western Aesthetic

With the release of the new Horse Ranch Expansion, the Western Aesthetic has been a hot trend for Sims CC.  So I was obligated to include Sim Shoe CC for your Ranch Sims!

1. Shoes 198 – Buckle Leather Boots by Arltos

2. Avellana Boots by DanSimsFantasy

3. Shoes 197 – Suede Boots by Arltos

If you want even more CC for this aesthetic, check out the following blogs; Saddle Up With CC for Ranch Living & Fashion Trend – Western Looks.

Boho Aesthetic

Of all the aesthetics and styles trending today, Boho would be the one I would switch to if I had to.  I love the overall vibe and comfort of the aesthetic, and if I wore colorful patterns, I could see myself liking this style a lot.  I went for more hot weather Boho-styled Sim Shoe CC since it is hot here.

1. Padded Strap Sandal S180 by Mermaladesimtr

2. Jewelry Sandals by Arltos

3. SimSXties Tournesol Sandals by DanSimFantasy

 You can get more Boho CC by checking out the following blogs; Get That Look Boho Western Fashion Blog, Room Reno #74 Modern Bohemian Kitchen, or Room Reno #84 – Dark Boho Bedroom. There is the Boho Wedding Collection for more Boho CC.

Coastal Aesthetic

I know the Coastal Aesthetic well; this is my mother’s go-to aesthetic.  I looked carefully at her shoe collection the last time I was at her house and picked Sim Shoe CC I saw on TSR that she would wear.

1. Scarlett – High Sole Sandals by Flystone

2. Jean Espadrille S168 by Mermaladesimtr
3. Vintage Sandals by DISSIA

If you want more Coastal Aesthetic CC, check out the One Color Lookbook Challenge – Coastal White or  One Color Décor Challenge – Ocean Blue Patio.


Balletcore has been a trending aesthetic for a while now and is one I need to become more familiar with. However, I wanted to include it as it differs from the other trends.

1. Eludia Shoes by Dissia

2. Flats with bow 211  by Arltos

3. Emily – Female POINTED-TOE heels with bow by Flystone

Balletcore is an aesthetic I have yet to personally cover.  I will add it to my list of CAS CC to cover!  There is some overlap with styles if you want to check out Get That Look – The Clean Girl Trend.


Mermaidcore was a new aesthetic for me this year… probably trendy due to the new Little Mermaid movie that came out.  But for someone who does not particularly enjoy bright colors… I LOVE this aesthetic.  Maybe not on me, but other people, yes.  I am here for glitter, glam, and tropical prints.

1. Nora Heel With Ropes

2. Floral Print Lace Up Wedge Sandals S183 by Mermaladesimtr

3. Burges Shoes by LVNDRCC

To learn more about Mermaidcore and download even more CC, check out my Get That Look – Mermaidcore blog.

Villain Era

The Villain Era Aesthetic was one of those trends I just realized was an actual trend.  This is my style; I like it here.  Interestingly enough, I picked two pairs of Sim Shoe CC resembling my in real life style and one pair of shoes (the high boots) I would love to have!

1. High Heel Boots by ShakeProductions

2. Shoes 206 – Boots With Bands by Arltos

3. Leather Boots by ShakeProductions

This is another aesthetic I have yet to cover, but… We do have the Fashion Trend – Leather Aesthetics and the Wednesday -Inspired Lookbook that has CC that you could use for this style!

Jock Aesthetic

I had to add some athletic Sim Shoe CC for you all.  We have sandals, heels, boots, flats, and everything else, so this was needed!  I love highlighting a wide range of styles, but with thousands of options, it is sometimes hard to pick a few!

1. Sneakers S072309 by ShakeProductions
2. Axis Shoes by DanSimsFantasy

3. 989 – Sneakers by ShakeProductions

The Jock Aesthetic, or just athletic styles in general, is another area I’d like to cover.  As Sims have an entire outfit type for their athletic wear! So I will add this with Balletcore and Villain Era styles to cover!  The CC is definitely on TSR just need to take lovely photos and get them into a blog for you all!

Kids Shoes

I know we already have many pairs of shoes in this CC Find… but I wanted to include shoes for children and toddlers.  Most of these shoes also come in multiple sizes to outfit the entire family or batch of kiddos!  I just love matching siblings’ outfits. It is so cute! I included five sets of Sim Shoe CC for the Kid’s section to give you variety.  Enjoy, and happy downloading!

1. Cowboy Boots (Child, Toddler, & Adult) S207 by Mermaladesimtr

2. Lily Leather Slippers (Toddler)by Flystone

3. Shine Hearts Lace-Up Shoes by MYSTERIOUSOO

4. Stripped Flip Flops S191 (Toddler, Child, & Adult) by Mermaladesimtr

5. Penelope Child Sandals With Flowers by FlyStone


I hope you found loads of Sim Shoe CC to download.  I went a bit overboard with the shoe finds… So you are most welcome?  LOL, like thanks, Jezi… my computer already hates me! And just think, there are even more shoes at TSR… thousands for you to download!  You will definitely find the shoes you need for your Sims’ looks!

Keep up with more Sims stuff and what I’m up to at @TSR Jezi.

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