The Sims 4 might be about building your dream virtual life. But there’s no reason that dream life can’t include some very real celebrity flair in it. There’s plenty of Sims 4 celebrity CC on The Sims Resource, ranging from Taylor Swift and Madonna to JayZ and Beyonce. We’ve rounded up a collection of celebrity highlights, including clothes, hairstyles, and even some accessories to transform your Sim all without the bother of actually getting famous.

Sims 4 Taylor Swift CC

First up on our Sims 4 celebrity clothes list, we’ve got a couple of iconic Sims 4 Taylor Swift clothing sets you can download and wear.

SkyRadio Commercial Jumper

Devilicious re-created Swift’s classic jumper/jumpsuit from the SkyRadio commercial. It’s a unique piece with two parts. The first is, of course, the jumper itself, sporting a combination of styles. It’s part houndstooth, part checked pattern, all laid out over a solid black base. Like most jumpers, this one is fairly short, with the legs extending down to just past the hips. Underneath the jumper itself is a solid black, long-sleeved shirt. And it’s this element that makes the SkyRadio jumper so easy to wear for any occasion. As Devilicious said, it’s perfect for daily wear, formal wear, party wear, and pretty much anything you want it for.

AMA Dress

The Sims Resource artist April made Taylor Swift’s American Music Awards dress in Sims 4 style. This one’s might not be as suitable for daily wear. Sparkles are its main feature, lots and lots of sparkles from the shoulder to the hem. The dress itself is an almost uniform champagne color, except around the collar, where it turns sheer. It’s also decked out in plenty of embroidery. The front has trails of embroidered flowers and plants running down to the hem. The back has a bit of that, but does something different too. It has a deep V-slit, with thick red embroidery running down the edges and accentuating the style.

Sims 4 Beyonce CC

Beyonce Knowles has certainly had no shortage of glamorous outfits over the years. And TSR creators have put their talents to good use either bringing some of them to life or making new, inspired-by creations for The Sims 4.

Inspired Dress

This gown from ShakeProductions was inspired by a few different Beyonce fashions. There’s Queen B’s love of glitter and sparkle designs, of course. That’s evident in every inch of the gown, crusted in glittering sequins as it is. And there’s also Beyonce’s knack for pulling off daring outfits without crossing the fashion line. Plenty of Beyonce’s dresses are… not all there? For lack of a better phrase. But they cover what needs to be covered in public, and this one is no different. Well, maybe a little different since there’s actually a touch more gown in places than some Beyonce dresses.

Beyonce’s Coachella Sweater

TrudieOpp decided to make Beyonce’s now-famous Coachella crop-top sweater in nearly all its original glory. It’s a fuzzy yellow half-sweater, though it’s a bit shorter than the original. The focus is squarely on the BK design in the center, which is re-created in excellent detail. TrudieOpp’s version doesn’t have the logo tags on the sleeve, but that just makes the rest of the top stand out all the more. If you want the shorts to go with it, it’s actually part of a set, and you can download them as well. Or you can just take the sweater and pair it with your favorite pants.

Sims 4 Rihanna CC

Like Beyonce, Rihanna is no stranger to exotic and fabulous fashions. We’ve got two bits of Sims 4 celebrity CC to help you mirror her style.

Ruffle Bustier

The first is this Rihanna Ruffle Bustier from Saliwa. It’s not exactly something Rihanna’s worn before — but it’s pretty close. Rihanna regularly rocks the bustier style and ruffle styles separately so Saliwa combined both of those into this bit of Sims 4 celebrity CC. Like the name suggests, it’s a short bustier. But it doesn’t fully meet in the middle. Instead, it’s laced up with a bit of skin still showing, and it’s tied off with a big bow. Also true to the name, there’s a subtle ruffle running around the top edge of the bustier, giving it a bit of flirty and fun style.

Rihanna Hair Buns

Another key part of Rihanna’s style is her many variations of the hair bun. SintikliaSims captured that with the Rihanna Buns Sims 4 celebrity CC style. It takes Rihanna’s classic knotty bun, but just two of them, and then does something a bit different. The two mid-sized buns are perched on the top right and top left sides of the head, almost like taps. And then cascades of hair flow down all around them. This one comes in 42 different colors as well, and you can even wear it with hats if you want to.

Sims 4 Katy Perry CC

Every Katy Perry experience gets its own wild outfit or hairstyle. There’s plenty to choose from, but we’ve picked out re-creations of some of Perry’s most recognizable styles your Sim can sport at any time.

Sheer Illusion Dress

Sims2fanbg took Katy Perry’s sheer illusion dress and added some extra flourishes to make it even more excellent. This one is almost entirely sheer, which shouldn’t be a surprise given the name. It’s got a solid skirt and solid segment for the bodice. But the rest of it is completely see through, with thick black bands adorn the sleeve and skirt hems. This version increases the tint of the sheer portions, so there are fewer creases than with the real thing. The rest of the dress is decked out with small white flowers, looking as if they’re floating on a breeze. It’s a standalone item, and as you’d expect, there are no variations of it.

Katy Perry at the Smurfs

Calling someone a Smurf usually isn’t a nice thing to do. But the dress Katy Perry wore to The Smurfs 2 debut looks pretty darn wonderful, so it’d be a compliment calling it a Smurf Dress. That’s exactly what TsminhSims did when they re-created Katy Perry’s Smurf Dress for The Sims 4. It’s exactly the same as the original. The top is light blue and slightly sheer, with embroidered flower stems scattered about all over. The skirt is a simple, but stylish affair, darker blue in color with a hint of suede.

“This Is How We Do” Hair

If you want the full Sims 4 Katy Perry experience, though, you’ll need some hairstyles too. TsminhSims made this side ‘do Perry wore for “This Is How We Do.” It’s two different kinds of bob styles, essentially. The left side is super short and shaped around the ear. The right is longer, ending about mid-way down the neck. The end result is a stylishly asymmetrical hairstyle that looks great even if you don’t want to dress up like Perry. You can choose between 18 different colors for the “This Is How We Do” hairstyle.

“California” Hair

Another classic Katy Perry hairstyle is what she wore for the “California” video. TsminhSims re-created that style as well, adding some extra touches to make it even more distinct. Their version of the style adds much more body to it. It’s a full and flowing, long hairstyle, with wavy curls from about the midpoint down to the tips. You can get this bit of Sims 4 celebrity CC in 18 colors, including cobalt and bright red.

Sims 4 Madonna CC

There aren’t necessarily any Sims 4 Madonna outfits, although that might not be a bad thing given how some of Madonna’s concerts usually went. Instead, we’ve got some Madonna-inspired clothing fit for any fan.

Fan Shirts

This set of Madonna shirts from Remaron is a tribute to the Queen of Pop’s many guises and musical triumphs over the years. It’s a set of 16 shirts in a classic style. They’re plain-colored (white or black) with long-ish sleeves rolled into a cuff. Each one has a different Madonna design front and center. There’s one from her “Frozen” video, one with Madonna’s iconic ‘80s short, rumpled hairdo, and several others as well. You’ll need the Discover University pack to get these to work, though, so keep that in mind. And you can use these everyday shirts for Sims aged teen through elder.

Music Lovers’ Shirts

This set of music lovers’ shirts from Devilicious is great for Madonna fans and anyone who loves pop music in general. There’s one with a big Madonna design, of course. Another features Prince, and then four more have other popular artists depicted in artistic designs. Devilicious also created the jeans that go along with these shirts, so you’re all set with a brand new set of full outfits.

Sims 4 Celebrity Rapper CC

MartyP took a similar approach to creating fan shirts, but focused on famous rappers — hence this set of Sims 4 celebrity CC being called Famous Rappers. It’s a set of nine shirts, each with a different rapper. These include Drake, Snoop Dog, Kanye West, and JayZ. Instead of artsy graphic designs, these shirts use super realistic photos of each star. They’re also for male Sims only, aged teen through elder. But you don’t need any specific content packs to make them work.

Sims 4 Angelina Jolie CC

Angelina Jolie has appeared in a number of superb gowns over the course of her career. And your Sim can too now.

Angelina Jolie’s Golden Globes Gown

Jolie’s worn plenty of beaded or sequinned dresses to major events. But Sims Resource creator -April- made Angie’s Gown in honor of the style she wore during the 2011 Golden Globes. This one is a full-length dress, with long sleeves and a high neck. Your Sim might not be a movie star, but there’s still plenty of glitz and glamor going on with this lovely, sparkly gown. In fact, the sparkles are almost placed in exactly the same places you see in images from the event. And you aren’t limited to just green for the dress color. -April- created the gown in three different colors, with no stuff packs required.

Jolie Earrings

If you’re going to try and look like Angelina Jolie, you’ll need some smashing accessories too. Pralinesims has you covered there. This set of Jolie Earrings comes in two different styles, both shown above. One is a longer style with multiple pieces, and the other is shorter, focusing on just the base piece. Both have their merits depending on your hairstyle and what clothes your Sim is wearing, and both look gorgeous. The earrings come in 20 different colors, so you’ll never be starved for choice. There’s even a green color to match the Golden Globes dress. How’s that for service.

Sims 4 Justin Bieber CC

Bieber Fever might not have lasted too long, but it did create some interesting styles. This pants set from McLayneSims is one of them. Dubbed “Bieber Fever Pants,” it’s a set of jeans with a bit of wraparound fabric at the top. On its own, it does look a bit like you’re sporting a mini-kilt over your jeans (not that that’s a bad thing). But with a top on, the looks blend seamlessly together, as if your Sim has an extra long shirt over their hip skinny jeans. The jeans themselves just come in black, but the wraparound part has six different designs and patterns to choose from.

Sims 4 Ariana Grande CC

Grande Jumper

Ariana Grande turned an oversized jumper into a flexible fashion statement. Whether she wears it as a standalone short dress or as part of an overall outfit, Grande’s shown the humble jumper has plenty of potential. That’s true for Screaming Mustard’s rendition of the style, Grande Baggy Woolen Jumper. As the name implies, this bit of Sims 4 celebrity CC is a thick wooly jumper/sweater, with a classic corded design running all the way around. You can get it in eight different colors, ranging from pastel pink to brown, and you can even re-texture it if you want to.

No More Tears Dress

If you want a slightly more traditional outfit, you can try this version of the No Tears Left to Cry dress, created by christopher067. It’s a nearly 1:1 Sims 4 version of the classic small dress, including the characteristically poofy skirt. Not bad for something christopher067 says came about mostly by accident. It comes in 15 different styles: 10 solid and five print patterns.

Dangerous Woman Hair

Ariana Grande’s hairstyles are as much a part of her distinct style as her actual outfits. Ade_Darma put together this very Grande style called Dangerous Woman, but it’s not what you might think. Instead of being the hairstyle from the actual Dangerous Woman video, this style is more a celebration of Grande in general as a “dangerous woman.” In other words, it’s Grande’s default hairstyle: a high ponytail with a wrapped base that flows loosely down to about the midriff. It comes in 27 different colors and nine shades.

Sims 4 Kardashian CC

The Kardashian’s don’t always have the best reputation. But there’s no denying they have some stellar fashions.

Kim Kardashian Party Dress

One of Kim Kardashian’s most popular dresses is this one: a red and black party dress. Sims2fanbg made it as some Sims 4 celebrity CC, and it’s almost identical to the original. The top is black and sheer, with heavy lace designs all surrounding a lace skull. The bottom is a bright red skirt, encrusted with sequins shaped into a stylized pattern that makes it like the lace design carries on to the skirt hem. Despite being a one-of-a-kind outfit, this party dress comes in six different colors.

Kardashian Dress

This set of two-piece outfits, also from sims2fanbg, is one of the most recognizably Kardashian outfits. And it’s something you can feasibly wear on a daily basis, unlike some of the flashier dresses on our list. What you see is what you get with this one. The top is a long-sleeved blouse, the bottom is a tight-fitting skirt, and there’s a slight gap where skin can shine through in between. You can pick six different styles for this one, including the leopard print shown above.

Met Gala Gown

Last of all for our Sims 4 celebrity CC list, we’ve got a stunning recreation of Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala gown, from sims2fanbg. This one is a bit like the Beyonce outfit from earlier, in that it doesn’t exactly cover a lot. But like a piece from the Met Museum, it’s more than what it seems at first glance. The gown is covered with incredibly detailed lace patterns and designs all the way around, literally from top to bottom. The sleeves are essentially two giant pieces of intricate lace. It’s a totally unique outfit and a must have for any Sims party occasion.

Once you get tired of looking like a celebrity — if that could ever even happen — there’s plenty more Sims 4 custom content to uncover. We’ve got all manner of different clothing and hairstyle CC to help pad out your wardrobe, including some brand-new houses to put that wardrobe in.

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