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Bathroom Clutter Kit Review

This Bathroom Clutter Kit Review is Presented by the EA Creator Network.

Kits! If you know them, you know them. Little collections of build/buy or create a sim items that cost just $4.99 USD. The kit featured in today’s review is themed around Bathroom Clutter! This is not a theme that I would have thought of on my own (or really even considered as a need I had in my game), but I was definitely intrigued by the concept when I saw that the pack would be coming out soon. It comes with thirty one total items, pretty much all clutter based–you won’t be getting any toilets, sinks, or showers here, just good ol’ fashioned clutter, clutter, and more clutter! If you want to hear more about the objects, let’s get into it.

These objects aren’t for your typical tiny-bathroom builds (Is it just me, or does anyone else always end up with a tiny 4-tile bathroom in like every single build you create? It happens to me way more often than I want it to). Since the pack is focused on clutter, it really works best in spaces with large counter spaces or just a lot of counters in general. Smaller bathrooms simply won’t have the available space to use each of these items and still work properly.

As for the non-counter based items, there are just a few. A couple of towel racks, a carpet, a shower caddy, and even some cute little plastic drawers for extra storage! I wasn’t sure about which object I liked best at first, but the plastic drawers have a really tiny footprint and would totally work in any bathroom, big or small. Especially if you build a tiny bathroom without any storage! I would suggest putting them underneath free standing sinks with open bottoms, though the routing might be a small issue (I would definitely playtest it first!).

I like that a few of the options come with various versions, usually a ‘clean’ one and a ‘messy’ one, as you can see below this with the two variations of the plastic drawers. In real life, drawers like this are usually absolutely huge! I love how tiny these are. The clean and messy versions also apply to the towel racks, as you can also see below. There are a good amount of color schemes for each object, though I will note that they skew more towards colorful and pastel instead of muted or neutral.

There are a few more floor items, as well. I like the carpet that fits up against the toilets a lot, as I’ve definitely seen them before in real life and I think it was crazy that we haven’t had one in the game before this! The other carpets in the kit match that carpet in a variety of bright and pastel tones. There are no dirty and clean variants for the carpets, though that might be for the best (dirty carpet sounds a little yucky to me). There’s also a set of plungers that honestly looks sort of huge (as seen in the image below). I know that plungers tend to be about that size and scale irl, but something about how they look in game makes them seem totally oversized. They also come in a variety of colors, as does the new wall light, which is a small vertical bar with a light in the center. I don’t use a ton of wall lighting in my game, but this one looks nice enough. I just don’t know if I’ll end up using it all that often in my builds going forward.

As for the regular (counter based) clutter items, I found there to be a pretty good variety. There’s two tubes of toothpaste (one empty, one full), a bottle of lotion, and even a variety of toothbrushes depending on if your Sim prefers electric or regular. I respect the commitment to having all these different types of bathroom objects in various states of use, though I’m not sure how often I would end up using both of a specific type of clutter. Using the toothpaste example, I’m not sure how often I’ll end up using one or the other type of toothpaste bottles–or if I’ll even end up using them at all.

That brings me to the crux of the issue with this kit. I love using clutter in my builds, and if you’ve ever read Room Reno before you’d know how much time I spend making sure every room feels properly “lived in” as I build. But to be honest, I never really use clutter in my build’s bathrooms. It’s not a space where I usually have a ton of space to put objects anyway–most of the bathrooms I build are pretty utilitarian and are really just meant to look simple and sleek as well as functional.

I think all the items in this kit are cute! But I don’t know if they’re worth picking up if you aren’t really committed to building and decorating bathrooms. I don’t see myself using the ‘dentures in a glass’ clutter piece anytime soon, and that goes for pretty much all of my builds. I would have loved to see more clutter objects based on fancy or aesthetic skincare bottles and stuff like that, to create some sort of in game #shelfie (a photo of all of one’s beauty products on shelves) rather than this collection. Nothing in this pack is downright bad, I just know that I won’t end up using the objects that came with it in my builds going forward. If you’re really into building and want to have every possible piece of clutter objects from EA, this kit is for you. If not, I think you’ll be just fine with the bathroom items from other packs.

Thanks for checking out this Bathroom Clutter Kit Review! If you liked this blog, check out Room Reno #76: Cozy Teen Bedroom or our Gilmore Girls inspired lookbook. Looking for something else? Read about my thoughts on the Pastel Pop Kit or about the latest game updates! Have a great day 😎

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