Back to School ‘Shopping’ on TSR

In the US, August traditionally means Back to School Shopping and right now for some of us in real life shopping does not exist.  Waiting for those online deliveries can be so brutal, even if it is only two days. Many of us are still stuck at home, so why not do a little back to school shopping for your Sims at TSR! Here at TSR, you have access to THOUSANDS of GBs in Sims CC.  You can then instantly install your ‘shopping-spree’ items into your game and POOF new stuff for your sims! The following is just a highlight of what there is to offer for Back to School on TSR.


As far as Traditional Uniforms go Margeh-75, ZitaRossouw, Remeron  & Bukovka all have great uniform sets! Margeh-75 has male and female sets sized for children through elders and ZitaRossouw has an adorable set sized children through elders. ZitaRossouw’s uniform set also has a cute little plumbob as a logo which makes the set even more fantastic. There is so much CC to work with that whatever type of school you are creating in your head for your sims there is CC for it to make a uniform on the TSR.  For example, Elfdor has a really high quality ‘Witchy School Uniform’ that would be perfect for a teen/adult/elder attending a Witch or magic academy. 

Of course, there is always the option of mixing and matching to make your own uniform.  Really the sky’s the limit here for the options of creativity.  There are tons of separate pieces that you can create your own unique look.  Stockings, shoes, sweaters, vests, ties, plaid skirts, slacks.  It is all here!

No Uniform

There are thousands of possibilities here but thinking of nonuniform schools takes us back to uni and the perfect hoodie.  SimmieV has some fabulously bright and colorful hoodie recolors that are perfect for your sims attending college.  Thinking of that relaxed uni look, DarkNightTt designed the Seyou Sweat with Shirt’, which screams relaxed university students. 

For children’s wear, good starting points are Lillka and Bukovka.  Both create a lot of children’s clothing.  Lillka has a wide range of all types of children and toddler’s clothing, but focusing on back to school type the mix and match separates and cute dresses are an excellent addition.  Bukovka has a lot of highly texturized alpha sweaters and coats. Which, if your sims have seasons, they are definitely going to need to stay warm and dry!

Accessories – Bags

Accessories are a must-have for Back to School shopping.  The first thing everyone who is attending school or working at a school needs is a bag.  A book bag and side bag or purse for students and definitely a very large tote for teachers! Do not fret! These hard to find gems are here on TSR!  DarkKnightTt has the DS Basic Backpack for Hand, which is absolutely the greatest addition for your Uni and Teen sims! Helsoseira has the cutest shoulder bag:  OTSB – 2Layers Top w/ Shoulder Bag and it comes connected to the top for the full KPoop inspired look.  For your stylish teacher SLYD provides the Albion Tote Bag, this bad boy looks like it will fit a tablet, phone, charger, grade book, and all the teacher’s daily essentials all while providing a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Accessories – Children/Toddlers

One item that makes any student’s day easier is a watch! Feyona made the absolutely most adorable Bunny Watch and both toddlers and children can wear it.  Perfect for style and seeing how much longer before recess!

The next most important accessory for a student in any school is socks!  Even if the school does not require a uniform, in a lot of cases students and teachers have to wear closed-toe shoes.  And you can NEVER have too many pairs of socks.  PinkZombieCupcakes makes sure your toddlers will not be too cold with the Toddler Winter Sporty Socks.   These knit socks come just above the knee keeping toddler legs nice and toasty while still allowing toddlers to move easily. 

Children like to dress nicely and accessorize as much as adults and you can find a lot of great earrings for children made by Feyona.  Of course for younger children, you may want to avoid dangly earrings so the kids can easily play on the playground. 

Accessories – Teachers

Not being able to wear open-toed shoes in most school districts makes socks essential for professional attire.  Now, this does not mean socks cannot be fun.  And Bukovka’s Socks Avocado delivers for that teacher that likes to have a little fun. Every teacher needs a pair of stylish sunglasses.  School starts early.  There is not enough coffee in the world to prepare every day for that so check out toksik for super high quality and stylish sunglasses! 

Objects at Home

Each and every student needs a place to study and review at home Wondymoon’s Tellurium Kids Study Room is a bright and clean set that would be perfect for a nice calming studying environment.   Parents are sure to want school pictures!  Pinkfizzzzz delivers for parents with these school picture sets of both male and female sims children and teens.   Finally, a student needs to be able to take a break from their studies to play and relax, and what better way than to relax with Soloriya’s My Plushie Friends is perfect for children to use their imagination and take a break from their studies. 

Objects in the Dorm

Decorating a dorm room makes your Uni sim’s temporary home comfortable and inviting. To brighten their room you could use some just for fun items like a lava lamp. You can find one by JomSims in some sweet shades of pink. Another classic must-have uni item is a mini-fridge RAVASHEEN provides the SMEGlish Mini Fridge that does require Discover University.  This super cute mini fridge even has decor inside and with Simlish on it. 

Another great find for college is the Dorm Wall Calendar by Greyzonesims this modernly designed is a part of Greyzonesim’s Dorm Collection.  This calendar has everything a student needs, a little touch of inspiration, some photos, a task list, and the calendar.  Also included in the Dorm Collection are two types of dorm beds.  A nice comfy bed is essential to learning.  ArtVitalex’s Ophelia Office includes a lot of great items, modern and sleek designs that are perfect for back to school covering all of the basics for a study area. 

Objects for Teachers

There are many things teachers need for their Back to School shopping.  The absolute number one thing is a GREAT to-go coffee cup!  Righthearted submitted a really awesome one in 2018. Although it has been over 2 years it is still fabulous!  When it comes decorating the classroom Severinka_ has it completely covered! She has School Set and School Furniture and decor.  Between these two sets, there is everything you could possibly need for an educational environment; desks, chairs, textbooks, maps, posters, chalkboard, lab equipment, journals, school supplies, and much more.  To jazz up the learning environment to a teacher’s own personality, add items created by Soloriya, and make the classroom very unique.  There is CC for every occasion and any type of class you could imagine.  

So there you have it Back to School Shopping on TSR in a nutshell.  Happy CC Shopping!


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